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Hey guys, new photo mod here *waves*

So, i'm in the process of working through the backlog but this means photo submissions should be back up in the next week or so. There's over 1000 photos to be approved and sadly, a lot aren't appropriate.

So i'd like to take this opportunity to ask a few things of our users.

Uploading photos is awesome, but please stick to these guidelines and you'll find your work will be approved so much faster.

1: Make sure it's Monster High related. That means no photos of your dog, no art of MLP or Adventure time or whatever other fandom you like. post your MH art by all means, and photos of your mh dolls, so long as it's MH related in some way it'll likely be approved. I fi  reject it and you think I made a mistake, resubmit and include in the description an explanation of what the image is of (EG: This is my Monster High OC such and such). If it isn't MH related, use the groups or your own profile to show it off.

2: Make sure it's APPROPRIATE. But this I mean, please don't try to submit dolls in compromising positions. I will not approve any photos that feature dolls in suggestive poses if I can help it, it's just inappropriate. Same with art, keep it kid friendly ok?

3: Please remember to title your images and rotate them so they aren't sideways or upside down. Just makes things easier to find and makes things look prettier.

4: Please don't upload stock images or photos. So many people upload the same stock images, it ends up cluttering the place up and makes extra work for me having to go find all the duplicates. It also opens the door for leaked images which we want to avoid. Mattel are protective of their products and take leaked images very seriously. Don't get us in trouble please.

So blanket rule, don't upload stock images to the photo section.
Likewise, no mattel showroom images, for much the same reason. Leave that to the official sources please.

5: Do NOT post images of yourself or friends. No faces ok? The reason we ask this is due to internet security. Now, we have a lot of underaged users here and we want to keep this place a safe environment for them. That means no information that could be used to identify you. So please don't post any photos that show your face. In order to be fair and to be on the safeside, i'm making this a blanket rule. Even if you're over age, I won't approve a photo that features someone's real face.

6: Only post your OWN work. No images you found on flickr/google/deviantart. Only your own stuff please.

7: If while i'm going through the approval system, I notice more than 3 unrelated images by a single user, i'm going to click "delete all", which means even if you DID have something MH related in the queue, it's getting deleted along with the spam.

So do try not to upload irrelevant stuff, it just slows everything down for everyone.

And that about sums it up. Have fun sharing your photos and fanart! We love to see them.

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I found the problem,,,,, somewhat. I can only send pics that I take with my camera(on my phone), that I take when I choose to upload,,, I have to pick camera, I cant use the images in my gallery or ones ive already on my phone. Thanks for your help and gettin back at me,, but it looks like the problem is on my side


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