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Another mega sale. I am thinning out the last of my NIB collection

Hello all! See the attached photos and price list. $5 for shipping in the U.S. If you need more detailed photos, just let me know. :) All Dolls are NIB

Chemistry Class Lagoona Blue $40

PENDING Picture Day Lagoona $10

Ghouls night out Lagoona $10

Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona $10

Lagoona Blue (In bathing suit. Found at HEB) $5

PENDING Roller Derby Lagoona $7

Skull Shores Lagoona $15

Dance Class Lagoona $7

Catrine De Mew $10- Sold

Catty Noir $20- Sold

Rochelle Goyle $15

Polterghoul $10

Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta $10- Sold

Dance Class Operetta $7

Roller Derby Operetta $7

Frankie Fashion Pack $5 Sold

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Still have plenty of dolls!

Bumping. Will take offers. I want to get the rest of these girls into homes! This is the last of my nib collection!


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