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Why are the core dolls of a line ALWAYS released so much later than the "main" doll or "deluxe" dolls? Why can't the line just be released?! Treesa has been out for a couple of months now online, and the Cleo, Twyla and Toralei with wings are trickling out at snail speed for two to three times the market value. I hate how this always happens.

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Hello, SammyWinchester,

I agree, but something else annoys me even more! I hate the way that certain dolls don't even seem to make it to the stores in reasonable quantities.

I mean, like, Party Hair Draculaura in Big Kmart? What is that about? I went to Wal*Mart to get my PH Draculaura, as they at least had two of them (Maybe three when I had first seen them there....)!

What I'm really disgusted about right now is the serious lack of Party Ghouls in stores. I have seen Party Ghouls Abbey....I Wal*Mart, but Rochelle is the one that I want, and I can't seem to find her anywhere

Then again, I am frightfully overdue for a trip to Target.  ;)

Oh, heck! Maybe I'll just wait for the Party Ghouls to appear at discount prices at BigLots, or whatever....

At any rate, I understand you completely. This slow trickle of Monster High dolls is disappointing and depressing, to say the least. To say the most, it's frustrating as all heck!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf

big restock is sometime in late July, there's always a drought this time of year. From about Feb to July there's just... nothing.

It's always been this wayand yeah, it sucks

But look at it this way, at least the US does eventually see everything. Here in the UK we're back to getting maybe half the lines, worse, we're only getting some of lines, we aren't getting whole sub lines so like, we'll get the deluxe doll but none of the budgets for that line or we won't get the exclusive retailer doll. Asda/Walmart exclusives are a nightmare because Asda gets them, but in such small quantities that they sell out to scalpers immediately and end up triple retail on ebay and available no other way.

Stores have pretty much stopped stocking MH here in the UK which means the only way to get them is to shop online, risking wonk and serious errors and the prices are INSANE this season. They've been hiking for the past few seasons but this year it's particularly bad because the quality has taken a nose dive but the price has still hiked.

Like, okay, when MH launched the signature dolls were £14:99 okay? they came with a pet, a fully detailed outfit and a diary. They went up to £16:99 by 2013 but in 2016 hiked to £19:99. Deluxe used to be £19:99 and hiked to £27:99 (the boo york gala ghouls). Budgets went from £9:99 to £14:99 and now they're £17:99!

The static bodied dolls are £10-12 this year. The baby siblings are about £10. The garden ghouls with their gappy horrible bodies and cheap nylon frizz hair are £17:99!!!

That spa bus is £80!

The drac 2 pack with 2 static dolls in budget outfits and next to no accessories for the playset is £45-50!

Treesa is about £40

It's insane.

I mean, who the hell will pay this?

We've always paid more but now it's just utterly taking the mick, we in the Uk are being utterly scalped and it's disgusting.

Run these through a currency converter, we're being absolutely robbed blind.

No wonder our stores aren't stocking MH, they know full well it won't sell because it's cheap looking but costs a fortune. Consumers aren't stupid, well, general public consumers aren't. Doll collectors may swallow this garbage, but parents won't and they're the main purchasers.

Ugh that sucks! But I can't say I fully feel sorry for you, since y'all have my favorite band. Steps. And they quite literally give us NOTHING in the US. It's so depressing, especially now that they're back together and going on tour only in the UK.

OMG I love Steps, it's a shame they are not popular in the US but you guys had Jump5.

Haha I was never into them much but I saw them open for A*Teens (my other favorite) before.

haha, OMG A*Teens they used to sing Abba songs they were good.


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