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ANNOUNCEMENT: No more leaked photos on the forums. **PLEASE READ**

Hey, guys.

Look, there have been multiple announcements about leaked photos and it continues to happen. Leaked photos are photos that Mattel hasn't released to the public yet, and don't want the public to see them. For example, they send out surveys to random people sometimes with pictures. Then, people scan these images and upload them on the internet. This is frowned upon by Mattel, and we are trying to help as best as we can.

Therefore, this means NO leaked photos WHATSOEVER in the forums. If you post too many threads, you will get your threads deleted and  you will get reported to Stu. This is a continuing problem, and it really needs to stop. I've counted that this is the third thread that we've had on the forums about this, and the problem isn't declining.

Please understand. Have a great week and weekend!

-Moderator Gazzy

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I understand. I haven't posted any pictures anyway because i'm not old enough but yeah. I wouldn't want to anyway. hope the people stop! best hopes!!

I'm very sorry for the photos I posted last week. I did it in a rush and then posted them again thinking they didn't go thru cause I was out of town for the holidays and was using kinda crappy wifi. I didn't know they were leaks as a matter of fact I couldn't tell what is or is not leaks cause I don't work for mattel. I went to various forum about MH and saw those pics and honestly had no idea about them being leaks. How would one know. Also a personal notification to the individual who post by shear mistake would be nice and appreciated. Again my intentions we not to post anything that would in danger this site. I enjoy visiting this site and reading everything. So my sincere apologies.


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