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I just got Anna from Frozen. The 12" Disney doll from the Disney store.  Her hair is only rooted down her part and around her scalp!  She's bald otherwise!  Are the Mattel Frozen dolls so sparsely rooted?! Her head is a tougher plastic than the MH dolls, so I think it would be harder to re-root her hair. Ugh!! I still want to get Elsa [I like the Disney face sculpts rather than the Mattel. Am I going to have to do Elsa too?!


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really? wow that disappointing! I have the DS Anna but Im keeping her in the box. They sold out of Elsa b4 I could get her. Im sure the Mattel dolls are worse though. Mattel's Disney dolls are very bald, use cheap stringy hair & use that glue that leaks all over(like the Monster High dolls.)

I have both of the Disney store Anna and Elsa dolls. They are truly beautiful, Elsa unlike Anna is fully rooted and has no bald spots. Some words of advice, if you like the way the Disney store did the short parts of hair on Elsa I strongly suggest you put hair gel and or hair spray in those areas to preserve it.

Thank you for the info about Elsa. I'm glad to hear that! I guess I'm going to have to reroot Anna though. I have great hair gel, so that should be fine.


Try here for info. Before I buy a doll, especially a new line, I check for a review. Super helpful. And her Ever After High C.A.Cupid vs Monster High C.A. Cupid was interesting.

That is disappointing!  I heard they are going to get more in stock eventually, so maybe they will have fixed Anna's issue this time around.  I expect more from the Disney Store, especially for the price you pay compared to what you get.  I've never gotten a doll from there that had that kind of problem.  I wanted an Anna too...  :(


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