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Alrighty, just a simple casual RP between me and Gazzy (aka Dashner Hawke) to have our OCs get to know each other. 

It was just a normal day in the life of Arianna Furey. In town for the weekend, she was currently at the Maul - the Coffin Bean, to be more specific. "Are you kidding me? No rum? What kind of establishment is this?" she muttered. A terse 'A proper establishment' is what she got in reply.


"Fine, I'll go for the Bloody Calypso with a shot of rum extract."


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Dashner walked into the coffin bean at the maul. He was so bored that he could bust. He walked up to the counter and and said "Yo, Joe! Give me my usual, you know, the coffee with extra sugar!" He waited. "... Um... My wallet is over there... Just a sec."
He walked backwards and ran into some ghoul walking behind him.

"Hey, careful there buddy!" Ari shouted as she steadied herself. "Oi, and could you please get the feathers out of my face?" She added with a giggle. She couldn't see the face of the manster, but she assumed it was a Horus-like creature judging by the bird wings currently blocking her vision. Not too many monsters had wings like a falcon like that. Thinking it was an Egyptian god-like creature, she had to severely resist the temptation to pluck a feather for a possible good luck charm. 'Could backfire and get you on the bad side of the gods...' she chided herself.

((Horus = Egyptian god with a falcon head))

Dashner turned around. "I am SO sorry!!! Are you okay?"

Ari blinked, then blinked again in surprise. "You're not a Horus." she merely said with wide eyes, as she pointed to his normal human-esque face. "What the hell are you then?" Circling around him, she scanned him for clues as to what he was. 'Wings... no tail, claws - no, correction, talons - and bird eyes. He's human for all intents and purposes save for those things.' 

"I am a Human-Aviation Hybrid. Basically a boy and a bird mixed. Aka I a mutant." He said, eyeing her. "So uh... Who are you?"

"So... kinda like a were-creature but made differently?" Ari asked, cocking her head slightly at the idea. Suddenly her eyes lit up in delight. "So you're a were-chicken! Man oh man, I thought those were just a drunk sailor's tale! If anything, figured it'd be some voodoo spell gone wrong. Oh, and Arianna Furey; pleasure to meet you, Mr....?" she finished, sticking her hand out in greeting.

He looked a bit confused. "I'm uh... Dashner Hawke. Most call me Dash. What kind of monster are you?" He said, offering her a table non-verbally.

Plopping down into a seat she grinned good-naturedly, fangs glinting in the store light. "Is it not obvious?" she asked.

"... No?" Dashner replied, sitting down with his coffee.

Quirking an eyebrow in surprise, the vampire stared at him. "You're kidding, right?" Shifting her attention to the waitress who'd just brought her coffee momentarily to thank her, she turned back to the bird boy. "...How much do you know about monsters?" Pulling a small bottle from the folds of her clothing and removing her coffee lid, she dumped the contents into her drink. Instantly the dark liquid became darker and gained a redder tint.

He shivered when he looked at the drink. "Well.. You're not a vampire... You'd have pink skin and pink hair... You're not a wolf. You'd have ears with brown hair... You're not a DINCLEBERRY because you have no berry... Apparently not." He scratched his head.

Ari's perceptive eyes caught his shiver and she grinned at that, though it was slightly more feral than before. Being a vampire and a pirate made for a deadly scary mix, and while she had no plans to hurt anyone at this point in time, she was happy to see she could still strike fear in others at times.

As soon as she heard his description of a vampire though, she lost it and broke into a full-on fit of laughter. "Oh Jones, you- you're kidding!" she cried, trying to speak though her laughter. "You... really think I'm not a va- and you considered werewolf?  And what the devil is a- a Dincleberry?" Calming down a bit, though still chuckling, she looked to him for answers.


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