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Mattel's absolutely stunning mishandling of my last complaint has lead me to decide now is the time to purge my collection, which means over the next few weeks/months i'll be sorting stuff and listing it here, on fb and probably ebay too.

there's 6 years of collecting to go through, and it's a very very large collection.

Of course, as I do play with my dolls, they're not in original outfits neccisarily, and i'm not sure I can be bothered restoring them to their factory looks. I redressed them because I preferred them that way, so they'll probably be sold "as is"

I have a lot of playsets in various states of disassembly, a lot of teeny tiny accessories, clothes, shoes, whole dolls, ooak customs...

so much stuff.

it's insane how much stuff I accumulated.

I'll be starting with the MIB stuff I never got around to opening.

Photos when I can be bothered digging through the boxes but from what I know I have:

Sweet Screams Frankie - £30

Sweet Screams Draculaura - £30

Coffin Bean Twyla - £15

Frightmares Penelope -£8

Frightmares the fire one I can't remember the name of - £8

Vinyl Deuce - £8

Some megablocks minis

the student lounge (I can't find this atm, it's somewhere in the damn house)

oob: diener, coffin bean

And a whole load of OOB dolls listed here:

Most of them are £10 each and don't come with their stands.

I'm selling stands separate for £2 each but I need to count them.

Ask for individual pricings, some might be slightly more, some slightly less but the average is £10. The ones wearing not much are gonna be like £5-8

I'll try to remove stuff as it sells.

This is a bit harder with the accessories as i've sold a few individually now. I'll see what I can do there.

Anyway, most accessories and clothes are £2 each

The Draculaura newspaper set isn't complete (missing film and tights) so it's £15

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sent u a friend invite and a message in it. im not sure thats how it works? but i hope you got it

yeahthe friend system is annoying. Accepted it now. Which means we should be able to pm one another.

Okay, it's sunday so i'm doing the ebay listing.

Basically I just need stuff GONE now. so pop on over. I ship everywhere in the world and combine postage.


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