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Hi all!  I'm just wondering if I'm the only Wonder from Down Under is these here forums?   It would be great to share sighting and sale information with other Aussies.

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Melody can also be brought at TRU too (not sure on price), I saw her there today after I went to Kmart, this should increase your chance to find her! She's getting in-store slowly. ;)

(I do have my complaints about her though! Choose carefully, eye-wonk might be the least of your concern..)

I still didn't see the other newer EAH girls, Melody isn't being packed with them by the looks of it. Boo. :(

Yeah I've noticed a lot of the newer dolls have bad eye wonk =/ I'll check my local TRU because Kmart had nothing new, only Dragon Games

...aaaand someone on the MHAustralia - Victoria FB has found Farrah Goodfairy at their local Kmart store! They say Justine's picture is on the back of the box, so she's close! Ever so close! @_@

Ooh I saw that! I'm looking forward to finding Farrah, end though she kind of scares me hahaha

I'm not having any luck finding Farrah or Justine, but I did get a belated birthday present from my sibling (who recently came back from a holiday to the US). I'm now the proud owner of Dragon Games Poppy! *u*

As always, if I see anything I'll report back when I can. ;)

Still nothing on my end but I did make an order or two on Amazon not too long ago and it came today being a whole week early! My first Amazon order too, very pleased. I now have my very own Justine, TTW Cupid & WTW Courtly! I haven't been buying much in store due to the lack of anything new so this makes me very happy. :D

Amazon is the way to go I think for me, no more waiting around for retailers and being disappointed!

My only complaint is shipping prices.. omg it can be super expensive. :\

Ooh yes I've found Amazon to be early and always well packaged! I usually get the dolls that aren't available here through them too.

Yeah the shipping can be bad, but if you think how much the doll by itself would cost here, it kinda adds up

The DC Super Hero Girls have made it to Australia! Some have been spotted in Targets in NSW and QLD! The dolls are said to be $32 each but I'm not sure about the price of the figurines, it isn't so bad considering I was expecting the dolls to be $40, so this is good news!
I hope I don't see them just yet, I've spent a fair bit of money on Amazon so I wouldn't be able to afford them right now, lol.
Well, maybe one or two would be ok. Damn, I should have checked Target yesterday when I was at the Mall to go to the Cinema!

Following up to say I've found the DC Super Hero Girls at Target today and I brought the dolls! They are definitely more built than MH & EAH girlies, it's a nice change. :)
The only thing that annoys me the most is Harley's hair... where are her bangs? Boo! Otherwise, cool new doll line!

Omg yes they're here where I live, but alas I'm poor until next week haha! They'll all be going on layby as soon as I'm paid though =)

Hi everyone!  Has anyone seen any of the chase vinyls in stores?  Did I miss them??


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