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Hi all!  I'm just wondering if I'm the only Wonder from Down Under is these here forums?   It would be great to share sighting and sale information with other Aussies.

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Cleolei, Lagoonafire & Clawvenus found at Kmart for $29!

Neighthan was also spotted, but not sure of the price, he may very well be $29. Avea was also seen at Kmart! Once again, no prices, but will update once found out.

What part of Australia were they spotted?

Mostly in WA.

Omg we're getting sooo much new stuff all together!

Alrighty! I think I have found a price for Avea, Sirena & Bonita being sold at Kmart, they're $39 each. I imagine that Target would be more expensive.

$39 is a bit much, but that won't stop from buying them all haha

Remember my post about the I <3 Fashion Wave 3 being found in store? Well, they're on the Toys R Us website! This should mean they'll be appearing more in stores! Woohoo~!

On another note, I saw Slo Mo today at Big W (I'm in NSW), there was about 3 or 4 of them. Another person on facebook said they had seen one at Big W elsewhere around the country too. If you're after Slo Mo, check your Big W!

On an unrelated note, Ever After High dolls have been spotted in an Uncle Pete's Toys store for roughly $40 each, but also found in a Mr Toys store, Briar Beauty in particular was seen at a price of $29.99 at Mr Toys. Not sure about the rest of the EAH cast, but I will check in with my closet Uncle Pete's Toys store tomorrow morning to see what I can find out. I will not be getting my hopes up as they don't get any good stock in a timely fashion, or don't get any stock at all.

(I'm not very happy with the $40 price tag at Uncle Pete's Toys though, considering Mr Toys is a whole $10 cheaper... D:< )

**Edited post with more correct details.**

Alright, back to report my findings, Uncle Pete's Toys are waaaaaay behind over here in my area, they just finally got some Ghoul Spirit. Nothing else. Nothing. They're absolutely useless.

On a better note, I found Freaky Fusion Avea, Sirena & Bonita ($39ea), along with Neighthan, Clawvenus, Dracubecca, Lagoonafire & Cleolei ($29ea) at Kmart (NSW), a really nice surprise! Only 4 made it home with me today though~ ;P There weren't too many on the shelf, that and it seems Clawvenus is quiet the shelf sitter, didn't seem that popular compared to the rest whom were mostly sold out (I got lucky to grab the only Cleolei left!). Also, one thing to say is how uneven the eyes were on the dolls.. what's up with this? Quality control needs to get their stuff together real fast, it's been really bad lately with MH dolls.

Everafter high dolls are in the target catalogue next week ....:)

I'm going hunting for them all tomorrow, hopefully I find at least one!

The FREAKY FUSION are all at KMART Hurstville except Neighthan ...they are also in the Target toy catalogue coming out soon. FF come in 3 sizes  .. $22  - $29 -  $39
Boomunki said:

I'm going hunting for them all tomorrow, hopefully I find at least one!

Found Freaky Fusion in Adelaide today.

Kmart at Rundle mall had all 3 hybrids, but we took the last Avea. There was one Bonita and one Sirena  left, but Sirena had a blue mark on her forehead. 

Kmart at Single Farm had Neighthan, Dracubecca, Clawvenus, and Sirena. We took the last Clawvenus, but there was one Neighthan and two Dracubeccas left.  Sirena wasn't on the shelf, but they had some in the back room. 


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