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Hi guys!
I've recently been working on getting my old American Girl dolls back up to display quality, and I've been having some issues with a Kirsten doll I own.
I originally got her from a friend back wen I was in second grade and she want in the best condition. I've gotten her hair to be the best I can get it, but I. The process her bangs became uncurled. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? I'm on my phone right now, so I'll post a picture when I get access to my laptop. I've done some googling and wasn't able to find any answers, so I really hope that somebody might have a good idea here! Thanks!

*EDIT* Added a photo. Sorry, but it's refusing to rotate.

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Awesome! I actually did do the "Downy Dunk" on her and it did a really nice job of softening her hair up. I'll definitely take a look at this for fixing her braids. Except I'm terrible at braiding hair, so she'll probably look a bit messy for a while. XD
Marghoul [Mod!] said:

I also found this link, which might be helpful to you if you need to re-do Kristen's braids! I do recommend the "Downy Dunk" the writer suggests; fabric softener does wonders for synthetic doll hair!]

I have an original (by pleasant company) Felicity, that I just pulled out of storage ( very carefully stored) for my DD, needless to say her hair needed help, she had been stored for at least 15 years. We went yo Saint Louis and took her to the American girl store and they fixed her hair. They also have a "doll hospital" you can send her off and get her cleaned up and restored, they will even redo her original hair style. Not sure what the cost would be but for a retired doll it would be worth it. You should also look into finding out if she is original pleasant company or after they were bought by mattel. Original pleasant company dolls are more valuable than post 1998 dolls, when they were bought by mattel.


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