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Just search for Monster High Scaris....


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2 hours later only frankie is left, but they have all the picture day dolls for $21. i hate when i miss these things online!
I hate it as well, Charlize's Mom. I had JUST missed Jinafire because I came back from a class and decided to check the mailbox instead of my computer. Argh! Dx
But now I'll be stalking Amazon like a hawk. xD
same here
I was actually at my computer when the alerts from now in stock came in. I couldn't get either Jinafire or Skelita, even mere seconds after clicking the link. I know here's sometimes a bit of delay but, wow. I'll stalk amazon's site tonight. I did get Scaris Rochelle, though.
I was able to get Jinafire and Skelita today on amazon :) I hope you all get them soon!


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