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Who's not bothered by the re-boot? Sure I will miss the older faces, but there's nothing i can do about it except accept the way they are! I don't think they look nearly as bad as the leaked prototype pics...I respect everybody's opinion and i realize not everybody is going to feel the same,,,,I just don't like seeing all the negativity going on.... :(

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Having seen some of the dolls in person, they do translate better, though there's still some I'm horrified of, and not in a good way.  I am still very bothered by the change of plot, animation style, voice actors, and the overall shudder-inducing look and feel of the new specials/animation.  I loved the movies.  Sure, the plots were about as deep as a thimble and the morals obvious, but I've always enjoyed watching them.  Doesn't help that I love most of the voice actors featured in the specials.  

It was also Escape to Skull Shores that really got my attention and got me into the actual collecting, not hunting for my sister's collection.

But I don't know if I can even stomach this Welcome to Monster High special.  

The problem (I think) can be boiled down to this: we are no longer allowed to get to know or bond with characters (especially since they barely have what we can laughingly call "personality" anymore), and it is no longer about high school, but rather some crazy, very, VERY rehashed ridiculous demi-super-villain conflict story not remotely school related. And this makes it almost impossible to relate to or get emotionally invested in. Which was A HUGE PART OF THE APPEAL.

I recently got a few rebooted dolls. While I'm not blown away as I was hoping, I'm trying to go with it.

I can't remember who said it but I'm trying to do what they're doing and look at the rebooted dolls as their own thing. I'm trying NOT to compare them to their old counterparts. It's ok-ish for me but not great. I still have to let go....

I got four of the reboot dolls plus the I <3 Fashion Whisp (not sure if she is reboot or not) and they're all right. But Science Class Frankie having poseable arms and Voltageous Hair Frankie doesn't bothers me. I also don't like how the stencils for the hair always turn out not looking the way they should. Nefera should have had earrings but other than that I like the new looks. I am also glad Amanita got a new doll along with a new Nefera. I hope we get a new Sirena, Honey, Robecca, Howleen, Twyla, Holt, Deuce, Heath, Jinafire, Skelita, Scarah, and Wydownna as well. A new Gilda and Gigi woukd be great as well.
We're getting Twyla very soon!
I've always wanted a MH doll with crimped hair!

"We're getting Twyla very soon!"

Very soon is debatable... spring 2017.

But maybe in time for Christmas 2016, in they manage to pull it off.

That's simply because from the point of view of the outraged mothers who are responsible for this atrocious reboot idea, Spectra & Ghoulia are both "too scary looking" and need to be toned down, while they consider Twyla to be less scary and cuter. More little girl friendly.

" I am also glad Amanita got a new doll along with a new Nefera."

They both look exquisite but that's because they're G1 dolls, not G2.

I hope we get more interactive dolls that have glow in the dark features and accessories, color change, and hair like Hairstyling Holly for a Clawdeen and Cleo doll this time around. Jinafire having a movie would also be nice and she could have a jian-shi as a friend. A jian-shi is the Chinese equivalent to a vampire and zombie except they can hop. Capcom's Darkstalkers Hsien Ko is the best known example of a jian-shi. I also hope that they do more with Jane Boolittle and Holt this time around.


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