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Who's not bothered by the re-boot? Sure I will miss the older faces, but there's nothing i can do about it except accept the way they are! I don't think they look nearly as bad as the leaked prototype pics...I respect everybody's opinion and i realize not everybody is going to feel the same,,,,I just don't like seeing all the negativity going on.... :(

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I think there are some things to look forward to with this reboot.  For me, it's predominantly Cleo's bandages.  Lagoona's scales and Clawdeen's fur patches are additional bonuses.  I only wish Frankie's articulated dolls featured sculpted stitches.

The large doe-eyed design seem to be a growing trend in animation over the past few years ... I remember it took me a while to adjust to Disney's bug-eyed princesses Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa.  The fact is, Skelita and Rochelle have very large eyes in comparison to Cleo and Clawdeen, so maybe there will be a little more uniformity of eye size now in the line or at least something closer to that.  

It's hard for me to really form a decisive opinion at the moment because some of the dolls featured in recent photos are prototypes and may change slightly during production.  To be honest, I'm more alarmed by the lack of articulation than anything else.  I just hope that can be easily resolved by some head swapping.

a bit of head swapping def. I can't help but kinda want to shove a few older Clawdeens onto fuzzy bodies lol. I think it'll all hinge on how decent the faces look in production. The clothing looks a bit iffy to me but again that could change, as could how blurry and illdefined the shoes are (they look like they're really quick bashed out moulds rather than being the very sharp detailed designs we're used to. All the lines are really fuzzy and under moulded)

Pretty much everything could change, you never do know with Mattel. So we gotta just wait and see. There's a lot I don't like and a lot i'm kinda.. impartial toward. Nothing really excites me though, so I think this marks the beginning of the end of my love affair with MH. I think i'm ok with that though, it gives me a chance to move on to other things and honestly? My (1 of each character" shelf can't fit any more dolls on it anyway.

Seems a good place to stop heh.

You're right.  It feels different.  But we'll wait and see about the specifics.  I didn't really care for Lagoona's Shriek Wrecked outfit when the leaked images were released, but now that I've seen better images of it, I like it.  The shoes are odd, though.  I'm interested in getting a better look at Lagoona's jersey outfit.  

I'm looking forward to the new animation.  It looks a little more sophisticated from the screen captures, albeit much 'brighter' than before, which could add a new level of humor if the content is 'dark' but the visuals are bright.  Cheery gloom.  Merry macabre.  Happy horror.

I must admit, I wamted to die when I first saw the reboot. I thought MH was over. To a certain extent,it kinda is. It won't be the same. After seeing clearer pics I am definitely warming up to the reboot. Not a fan of how Dana Jones is being translated into a doll(and I hope thats not how new dharacters get treated, quality sacrificed for cheesy horrible gimmicks)but I dont find myself jumping for these new designs.

I still hate it.  I haven't really come around, I dislike such a change and it still makes zero sense to me.  You're in the top three best selling fashion dolls, the problem I think was too many characters too fast and not "real little kids are scared of them!"  

Yeah, my money is now pretty darn safe, I might get the occasional Rochelle and I'm going to keep an eye out and see if by any insane chance Holt gets any more dolls, but I'm pretty much a bitter little monkey about it.

I still don't like the new faces at all. The old MH was cute but not super sickening cute. To be honest this is probably a good thing for me. It means I'll be able to save more money instead of spending it on dolls I'm running out of space for. Hope Mattel is happy with this choice they have chosen.  

They're not winning me over, but I'll wait till I actually see them. Unlike in the past, I won't order online without seeing them. I'll just be a little more picky. I'm running out of room anyway.

I'm really holding all final opinions until the reboot is actually here, I'm slowly warming up to it but I will always love the original monster high

No, I still hate it so much. The only thing that I have seen so far that is ok is draculaura's hair-do in the shriekwrecked line. I'm soooo madddddd

I'm holding out a faint hope that maybe I'm going to be blown away by the new dolls when I actually see them in person. Maybe the promos of the new dolls are just......Odd? Bad lighting? Something that makes them look worse than they actually are?

I'm not happy but I've come to terms with the change and now I'm desperate to like it :|

I actually like Draculaura, Lagoona, and Cleo's new faces a little better than the originals, just because they look more like the original cartoon webisodes. Draculaura especially. She has a very cute cartoon face, a very cute/sweet personality, so it works. I don't particularly like Frankie and Clawdeen's new faces. They are cute, and pretty, but...they look so different it's weird! I like the originals. I like the stop-motion webisodes, but for advertisements on television or something, not as webisodes in-and-of-themselves. I really miss the original webisodes styles and storylines. That's the worst part. The new animation and crazy movie stories and new history of Monster High just sucks and doesn't make sense!

I'm overall indifferent about the reboot. There are a few dolls that are cute, but there are a lot that are not. They fixed Cleo's fraying tinsel and streched eyeballs, which is good, Lagoona looks the same, which is fine, but the rest of the ghouls bother me. They look like they're 12, especially in the new, awfully animated, mess of a plot, movie. Also, Ari...*sigh*. Yay, another pop star, just what we needed, especially as a main character. *rolls eyes*. But what bothers me most, is not the lack of originality, but supply of gimmicks and budget products. So, overall, I'm not super excited, but who knows what will happen in the future. Change is quite inevitable with products that have lasted over the years, and although the reboot will take some getting used to, it's better than having MH end forever.


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