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Who's not bothered by the re-boot? Sure I will miss the older faces, but there's nothing i can do about it except accept the way they are! I don't think they look nearly as bad as the leaked prototype pics...I respect everybody's opinion and i realize not everybody is going to feel the same,,,,I just don't like seeing all the negativity going on.... :(

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I was upset, I grieved for a while. But now i'm coming to terms with the idea. I'm going to focus on filling the holes in my collection and at the end of the day, the reboot won't make all my beautiful dollies magically disappear. It's a shame and I am still a bit bummed out about it, but you never know, maybe they'll release some collector range stuff that's more edgy and interesting, maybe they won't look so bland irl. We'll see. I mean, Bratz looked AWFUL when the current lines were revealed, like really really terrible and it turned out there was more interesting stuff hiding behind that initial dross.

I'll miss MH and it kinda gets me that there's nothing replacing it that captures my attention so much but I feel like i've had what, 6 years of it and i'm getting out of playline anyway. My next dolls aside from a handful of playline here and there are likely to be far more expensive BJDS and collectors items like LDDs. I think I can live with that.

I was also very upset....but i've been trying to look on the bright side and I do like Clawdeen's molded fur. She doesn't look that bad to me and I do like her rebooted version. Frankie I'm still neutral about and I've never cared for Draculaura so her look doesn't bother me.Plus Rochelle, who is my fav character, looks like she has not been changed so that makes me happy....I know I'm no longer going to collect every single doll like i used to, but I think it's a good thing since I've probably spend at least 1k or maybe more on my collection

yeah more money for me to spend on LDDS and BJDs hahah. Mattel have lost their grip on my wallet, foolish Mattel.

i love the reboot

very excited for monster high's future 

I agree the dolls still have that cool edge that other doll brands do not have.

The negativity will die off eventually but yeah If I am putting money and for me doll collecting is emotional too than yes I will be a little bit upset when things change suddenly, like saying goodbye to a old buddy. 

The makeovers arent great but also not the worst thing ...

Im more bummed about them removing Ghoulia and Spectra, and who knows who else.

I am going in this open minded and maybe the new dolls will look way better in person when I buy them, some I am not happy about like Ari I don't really see the point of her right now and I really didn't like the idea of her replacing Spectra but apparently that is not going to happen now though it still could I'm not 100% sure until I see a new Spectra, even then I still don't see the point of Ari as she looks like Spectra, I wish they went with a different look for her a different hair colour even blonde or bright pink wouldn't have been so bad, but the positive Draculaura has some good dolls coming to be excited about, Clawdeen has fur, Cleo has moulded bandages and streaks in her hair instead of the tinsel which I feel is a big improvement and she looks a lot better that way, Lagoona has scales and her new dolls are cute, Gil getting a doll after thinking the Mansters are goners and his outfit is great, the entire Shriek wrecked line is great and I am excited to get them all, on the negative side, Frankie's dolls are only ok they are not awful they are not bad just ok, some pets have been swapped like Cleo has a cat, Lagoona has a turtle and Draculaura has Operetta's spider? which is so odd I still can't get my head around, some dolls have static arms and moulded tops and the animation looks bad, so there are some worries but overall some really exciting stuff so it won't be the same as it was but that dose not mean it won't be again, you never know if this fails then Mattel might just try to save it by making them how they were, plus this just a some of the stuff we don't know what's in store for next year and onward.

In the pics from the display Lagoona has Neptuna in her purse and Draculaura still has Count Fabulous i think those leaked pics were inaccurate.

I'm used to it after seeing the toy fair pictures they don't look that bad thou i don't think I'll buy as many mh as i used to some look good enough to buy. I'm probable going to switch to my primary collection to something else. Thou mattel may surprise me with collector dolls at this point I'm not too concerned I'll just cut back to what i really want which is probable half as much as usual which is ok.

Mixed feelings. Love Lagoona's new face!

Because I was so unimpressed with Great Scarrier Reef, I didn't react that badly to the reboot. I was actually relieved that the dolls were getting a fresh look - after years of the same facial screenings I was getting a bit sick of it. I'm still massively angered over losing Ghoulia (and I don't believe that Instagram confirmation of a reprieve for one minute) and Ari is a poor replacement for Spectra. Nonetheless I'd lost the will to care anyway.


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