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Hi guys,

I'm curious what other people have done in terms of mixing up their clothing on their MH dolls.  Whether it be mixing an outfit from one line with a doll from another, mixing outfits between characters (for example, Rochelle wearing Draculaura's clothes) , or dressing your doll up in custom clothes that either you or other people have made.  Also, anything fun that has been done with changing their hair, whether it be a simple style change or even a rerooting.  I'm not really looking for repaints or customs, just dolls that still look like the MH character, only modified.

The only thing I've done so far is dress Music Festival Clawdeen in her New Scaremester clothes.  I was completely in love with the New Scaremester outfit, but not crazy about Clawdeen's hair.  I love Music Festival Clawdeen's hair and face, but didn't care for her outfit.  I also used some jewelery from I Love Fashion Clawdeen.

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I have so hard to pick LOL
(Please excuse the quality, was taken with a camera phone.)

Well, here's my male and female vampire cams. I'm pretty fond of their outfits.

Here's a few of my Lala's together, one of the outfits (on the right) is more loved than the others right now. Plan to play with the other two a bit more to find more fitting attire. The sitting "punk" Lala is actually a bit of a WIP, I've sawed off her ankles and have two Bratz pegs I need to place in the holes, which are too small at the moment; gotta find a small enough dremel to get the job done right. But I have some Bratz boots just lightly placed on the numbs for now. They surprisingly stay on to some degree without heavy movement without the pegs.

Totally love my witch cam. The hat is too perfect for her~<3
My custom Sailor Moon OC is in the middle, Sailor Lolita.
And the Lala here on the right feels like a more grown up version of her to me, so I call her my "Adult Lala"

Here's just a group of different dolls placed together at random. I do have two pairs here, my Merfolk twins and Rochelle with a mystery man, ooooo. Plus there is Sugar Beat, my blob/sugar monster pop idol on the far right, lol

In this group, I have my favorite Frankie (far left), Rock-a-billy style~<3
There is also my second favorite Lala outfit on the bottom right.

A large group of my cams in this pic. The three-eyed ghoul has a cerberus as a pet. Three eyes with three heads sounded like a good combo, lol.

Not sure how I feel about this vampire cam, the outfit was an experiment that I'm still debating about.

Love this thread. I have to think about which of my dolls to photograph. I mostly make new clothing for my dolls, but I do have some that I just kept them in what they came in.


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