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Sup guys, I wanted to have one of our fun RPs again XD Which hardly ever happens anymore. The Roleplay section of MHD was so silent for a few months, you could see a digital tumbleweed floating across the screen... It used to be like one of those wild parties, and then the time when there was nothing was going on was the morning after. The ruins of the destruction we left DX

ANYWAYS. Let's have a wild, crazy RP where our OC throw a wild party or something along those lines! Uh, just where is the party gonne be. Since none of our (my) OCs have a mansion or some piece of land bug enough for crazy stuff to happen. Whatever, they'll sneak in some abandoned place or something. But, it is the after-party of PROM. I shall be my OCs Nektar, Cami, and Babe (shaddap, her master renamed her XD )


Nektar's PoV~


The sound of the my alarm clock and the lingering smell of smoke causes me to open my eyes and glance over at the alarm clock. Before I fell asleep I lit some candles in my room to make sure it didn't smell too much like the... oce- "HOLY CRAP." I scream, looking at the time. PM. Of course I'm late for getting ready for prom.

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(( XD They can call her something else, she goes by Ningyou most of the time.))

"Thanks, Pleurer." we both say at the same time, and smile awkwardly. "Your dress I'd pretty cool, the color is really... a compatible color for you." I say, only stopping to find the right word word. Babe nods her head in agreement, easily making it more silent. Except for the loud music, and chattering teens. "Nice dress, Cami." Babe cut the silence out of the picture then. "Uh, thanks..." she trails off, looking away.
Falconnie danced with her ghoulfriend Anne, and waved at Nektar as she danced.

(( XD I had the strangest dream last night... we were able to cosplay at school, and I went as Matryoshka Alois (profile pic)... and one of my friends went as Matryoshka Ciel... and it was fun.... XDDD God, I wish we could cosplay at school. I'm probably just gonna make a Matryoshka hoodie and wear it every day XDD God, I watch too much Kuroshitsuji/listen to too much Vocaloid XD Is it strange that I have no idea how to reply? :P ))


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