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Sup guys, I wanted to have one of our fun RPs again XD Which hardly ever happens anymore. The Roleplay section of MHD was so silent for a few months, you could see a digital tumbleweed floating across the screen... It used to be like one of those wild parties, and then the time when there was nothing was going on was the morning after. The ruins of the destruction we left DX

ANYWAYS. Let's have a wild, crazy RP where our OC throw a wild party or something along those lines! Uh, just where is the party gonne be. Since none of our (my) OCs have a mansion or some piece of land bug enough for crazy stuff to happen. Whatever, they'll sneak in some abandoned place or something. But, it is the after-party of PROM. I shall be my OCs Nektar, Cami, and Babe (shaddap, her master renamed her XD )


Nektar's PoV~


The sound of the my alarm clock and the lingering smell of smoke causes me to open my eyes and glance over at the alarm clock. Before I fell asleep I lit some candles in my room to make sure it didn't smell too much like the... oce- "HOLY CRAP." I scream, looking at the time. PM. Of course I'm late for getting ready for prom.

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YAY. The RP section WAS silent... I remember checking the discussions, and no one posted a new comment in, like, a week or two. Or three. Maybe a month. SHOO, HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO KNOW?

Ooh, maybe Roiyaru's castle/museum thing got shut down, and they can have their party there? XD I dunno.

*Mey-Rin voice* I'll be Roiyaru and Pluerer, yes I will!

Pluerer's PoV (Oh my god, not Roiyaru's? Am I ill? Perhaps. Maybe I've got Luka Luka Night Fever?)


I've been awake for a long time, keeping myself from dozing off with lots of sugar. Prom is coming up, and I need to be awake. I realize that it's 6 PM and that I've been staring into space for the past half hour. Man, it seemed like only a few minutes. Time flies. I float upstairs and look around in my closet. Mostly blue, with a splash of red and occasionally white. Nothing interesting. A little dash of green catches my eye and I pull the dress out. It's a lovely silk dress, colored pale green. It goes down to about my ankles, lightly brushing the ground, with frills at the bottom and on the sleeves. At the waist is a white belt-like sash, decorated with emeralds. I consider the dress for a moment before putting it back. It just seems like... too much. I continue looking through my closet, hoping that I'll find something decent to wear. I give up and glance at my phone. Maybe I could text someone, seeing what they're wearing. At least it will give me inspiration. I decide to text Roiyaru, since I know he's going.

~Hey, Roi. What're you wearing to prom?

Almost instantly, I get a reply.

-First off, never call me Roi. Secondly, why are you asking me this?

~I just want to know, haha. It'll give me inspiration. And don't you DARE say "go ask one of your friends that is a girl", cause you were the first person I thought of. Feel special.

-I have no idea what I will wear. I've worn everything in my closet.

~Well, don't look JUST in your closet. Look in boxes, or under your bed.

-Well, the only other thing I have is the Venomania cosplay that I wore a long time ago... unless you will cosplay too, I'm not wearing it.


I gasp and drop my phone, running to the chest next to my desk. I open it up and dig around, looking for the perfect dress. I finally find it: my Conchita cosplay, in perfect condition. (( Though, I don't look good in red. I decide to give the dress a little... makeover.

~I DO have a cosplay, actually. I suppose I'll wear it. Now, you BETTER show up in your Venomania costume, lol.

-Ugh, fine. See you there.

~See ya, ROI.

I look around in my bin of dyes, pins, needles, thread, you name it. Anything I don't normally use. I find green dye and get to work. I quickly dye the red of the dress pale green, and hang it in front of a fan so it will dry faster. I grab my black high-heeled boots and set them by the door. I snatch up a green rose and set it on my desk. After about half an hour or so, the dye has dried and it looks great ((how long does it take dye to dry? XDD )). I slip the dress/sleeves on and put my boots on. I sit down at my desk and brush my white hair until I'm satisfied. I tuck the rose behind my ear, knowing it will stay, and twirl around my room.

Thanks, Roi! I think to myself, smiling.

((Ohmigosh I love you. <3))
Dashner's POV~
I paced in my room, unable to decide what the wear. Should I go classy or formal? I was dressing to impress, I'm a single guy, you know. It comes naturally. Maybe Aithra will be there... I don't know, she hasn't talked to me in forever, maybe she forgot about me? Anyway, I threw on a combination of classy AND formal which I liked. I fixed my fauxhawk, and I walked out my bedroom door. I knocked on my sister,Falconnie's, door. She came out in a fancy pink dress with white gloves. Prettyyyy.

(( XD Yay, you guys replied! And that's a good idea, Nobo. Also forgot to describe Babe and Nektar. Nobo knows Nektar, but I'll just say it again. Nektar has pale green skin, olive green hair with honeydew streaks that is wavy and goes to midback, her eyes are purple like a water lily (?) and she is a Rusalka so always has a comb with her. Babe has firey red hair, that are usually in curls, and fade to blonde. Her eyes are emerald green, but change to all green with the iris being black. Her skin is pale, and I guess she has the same cute doll looks. Yeah that's it I think, and you both know how Cami looks: ))

I jump quickly into the shower, scraping all the mud from being outside in the rain off of my body. When I finish cleaning myself, I rush into the bedroom in only my towel and search my closet for a dress. My eyes glance at the dress Lagoona gave me that she wore to the dance, and I frown, No way am I wearing something that fancy and frilly. Something of the color seafoam catches my eyes, causing me to jump head first in the closet to grab it. Nearly ripping it off the hanger, I examine it happily. It stops just above the knees, and has a hint of white in it. ( sorta like this, but I'm gonna style it to my likings)

I blow dry my hair quickly, so that its damp, and then comb it through. Deciding that since its 5:30, I need to hurry up, so I clip my hair all to one side with a white lotus hair clip. Sliding on my white open-toe high heels that my mother bought me seems to be a bit harder than I thought. "Stupid heels." I mutter in frustration after finall getting them on, and then run downstairs. My mom spots me, and smiles while waving as I rush out the door.

((Can she be friends with Falconnie and catch a ride with her? Her shoes, by the way ))

((Sure, why not? haha. I'm guessing I don't need to describe what Dashner and Falconnie look like...? I think you've both seen their artwork XD))

I started to flutter up in the air, the breeze against my body. Such a beautiful day to go flying. Since I had recently got my flier's license, I could now fly anywhere I wanted! Freedom, at last. I started to fly one way, and Falconnie flew the other. "What the heck are you doing, Fal?" I asked, flying in her direction. "I-I have a friend that I primed I'd pick up," she seemed to manage. Falconnie was always overly shy, and that seems to affect her speech patterns. "Fine" I say, as we fly out to get this friend of Falconnie's.

((Just a little note... I made Pluerer and Roiyaru wear cosplay costumes cause I have no idea what they will wear XD And by the way... WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME IN CHATTTT CAMIIIIII Ooh, click the Chatzy link that I posted on your page a long time ago. We can chat on there. Gaz, you can join too! :3))

I sit down on my bed and look at the time. 7 PM. I jump up and am about to rush out the door when I realize that I don't have a car, and the schoolbus isn't picking us up. I groan and text Cami.

~Hey, uh... I need a ride to prom. Don't want to ask Roiyaru, cause then it will look like he's my date. :P

I pace my room, glancing at my phone and waiting for a response. I don't want to be late!

((I can't find the chatzy link D:))

At least Falconnie will pick me up, so I don't need to walk there after it rained. I sit down on the now dry porch step, and play with a strand of my olive green hair. I hate waiting after rushing, but at least she accepted.

Cami's PoV~

I already finished getting ready a long time ago, and just as I'm about to ride off my phone beeps. My eyebrows furrow while I read the message, and I reply.

Sure thing. Just look out for a motorcycle!

Hopping on it, I speed in the direction to her house, and stop in front of it after a few minutes. 

((She's wearing normal clothes, FYI, but will change into the dress at Prom XD She did her makeup and hair already, though, so yeah. Also, here's the link ))

I notice Cami outside and rush out.

"Where's your dress?" I tease, hopping on the back of the motorcycle.

Falconnie and I landed in the Ghoul's yeard, and Falconnie ran up to her porch. "Nektarrrr!" Falconnie went up and slightly hugged her friend, and she walked back out with us.

"Ready to go?" I asked, unleashing my wings.

"Somewhere." I reply, snickering lightly. I put it in my locker earlier today, so I don't need to worry about calling someone to drive me here. Turns out it worked in my favor. I ride to school, smirking to myself under the helmet.

Nektar's PoV~

"Yep." I reply,  showing him two thumbs up. At least Falconnie didn't forget about me.

We finally make it to the school. I hop off of the motorcycle, thank Cami, and head inside. I walk quickly but carefully, not wanting to step on my dress. I open the school doors and almost run into someone, but I end up going right through them.

"Hey, watch it!" they tell me. I glance over and notice it's Roiyaru.

"Hello, ROI." I tell him.

"You seriously dyed your dress?" Roiyaru asks, staring at my cosplay.

"I look horrible in red."

"Well, if I would have known that, I would have dyed this."

"You look perfectly fine in purple." I reply, snickering. He reaches out to smack my head, but his hand goes right through me.

"Ugh, a braid? Again? Dude, wear your hair differently." I tell him, reaching out to grab his white braid and tug on it. Again, my hand goes right through him. I stomp in frustration.

"See why I hate being a ghost?" Roiyaru snaps.

"Yes. Yes I do. At least I don't have this problem." I reply, sticking my tongue out at him.

((I should draw them in these cosplays... XDD Gaah, if only DA muro wasn't being stupid.))

(( XD You should though.))

I run to my locker, and pull out my dress and heels. When I slip on thew dress in the ghouls washroom, I need to be careful not to ruin my hair. Make up isn't a big deal, since its just eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. After finall getting on the stupid dress, I check myself in the mirror and nod my head. Before I catch up with Pleurer, I stuff my clothes into my locker. "Pleurer, wait up!" I shout to her, and run down the hall, careful not to step on the hem of my dress. I stop in front of her, and notice she's talking to someone, so just don't say anything and take a deep breath of air from running.

(( Cami's dress just its red fading to black.))


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