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I just got Robecca today.

Her hair has a gap like either right in front of the goggles or under them.

I`m not sure if she is suppose to be like this, so i`m just clearing this all up.

Did I possibly get a doll that wasn`t fully rooted or do they do this for the goggles to sit better?

Thanks for the help~

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I didn't really inspect the hair too much before I ripped it out, sorry.  I do remember the whole scalp was painted like a navy or black.  Judging from the holes left in her head, I don't see a gap, but a normal part where the holes are much closer together. 

Yeah, mine doesnt have a gap in her rooting like that. Weird bending legs, yes, but strange lack of hair, no. I'm fairly disappointed in the quality of Mattels dolls lately. A lot of them no longer have stands and then there are problems like this. I recently got a Dead Tired Ghoulia and her leg was completely backwards. Maybe you can email them about the defect and get a new one. :(

Okay, so I`m thinking the bit of us that got a Robecca with a strange gap need to contact Mattel, I was at TRU and WalMart and was able to check the other Robeccas, they didn`t have a gap at all.


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