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It says he'll be in stock on the 21st but you can order him now:

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He is going in and out of stock. He might show up again soon. :)

might get him. still waiting for a hopper and humphrey doll 

It says he is 39.99, where is the 19.99 doll?
It keeps going in and out of stock, I have tried twice when it is $19.99, and both times my order failed. Then it jumps up to $39.99, at a third party buyer. You just have to catch it exactly right!
Ahhh! Took 4 hours of trying, but I finally got him!

He's in stock atm, which is nice. But sadly I can't find the "sweet spot" for shipping stuff. To get the new stuff I want still means paying over £20 per item which i'm absolutely loathe to do because it's too much. Even though that's the price over here, it's too much.

So i'll wait.

Poor whitebread, he's got a cute face but man his outfit is bland huh?.

i think he's got the best clothing out of all the EAH boys imo, especially those boots. 

I feel like he could have done with a more detailed shirt, and his jacket has lost the tails of his animated form which is disappointing. I plan to redress him into something a bit more.. wonderlandy hahaha. EAH dolls redress fantastically and he has a certain Ken doll cuteness to his face.

I've loved him ever since we first saw the leaked pictures. Sure he's not the most exciting clothing-wise but for some reason he still appeals to me. I'm waiting on some money that's supposed to come back into my account from a refund and I'm trying to decide if I want to try my luck and get Alistair or get one of the Way Too Wonderland girls.

he has a sweet face. I knew I wanted him the moment I saw his leaked images, but also knew I needed to tweak his outfit into something a bit more visually interesting, because he deserved it.

I ended up getting him when he was available for $19.99 earlier today, it said he'll be in stock on the 23rd. I figured I'd better get him while I could, the Way Too Wonderland ones don't look like they go out of stock that often. I pretty much wore out my Alice in Wonderland tape when I was little, I just had to have Alice's son. XD


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