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Alice walks down to a pond and see's he reflection. She puffs up her curls and stares at her reflection. "How does mother make my curls so perfect?" Alice questions. She looks at her mother to make sure she isnt looking. She reaches her hand down in the water. There was a hole that she saw, but when her hand went in, it was dry. She was confused. "How is it possible?" she stuck her hand in deeper, and deeeper, and she fell into the hole. 

As she fell she could feel the wind going through her nose, and her curls losing their texture. "Whatever mother put in my curls, it isn't holding up."

She finally reaches ground and starts walking downa  hall that seems upside down. "What an illusion." Alice says insterested in how it's possible. As she walks she see's a fancy gold glass on a table filled with green juice. "What a lovely glass, it'd be rude to not drink from such beauty."

Alice takes a sip and shrinks. "Oh my!" She screams. She keeps walking, it seems like a walk forever. Then she falls down another hole to find herself hitting the ground pretty hard this time. She looks at her tights. They are ripped. "Mother will be very angry." Alice says. 

She looks around the corner and see's a cat hanging froma  tree. "Hello  Mr. Cat, may you help me find my way home?" Feeling stupid for expecting a response she says " Now look at me, talking to a cat."

"A Cat who can talk to you." Says the cat. "Oh my! I didn't mean to be rude, i was just doubting a response, your a cat after all." Alice says nervously. "Why would you doubt a cat talking back to you? Thats a normal day thing here." The cat says. "Oh well, anyways i was hoping you could help me find my way home." Alice asks. "Of course, what kingdom? Hearts kingdom, White kingdom, Flower forest? Perhaps Ace Town?" The Cat questions genorously. "Oh no, im not from any of those places, im from above, i fell down a hole."

"Oh, oh my. You do need help, but i'm not the one to help you, but i do know who can help." The cat answers. "Who?" Alice asks. "The Mad Hatter."

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Do You think the Mad Hatter will be able to help Alice find her way back home? Explain why if not why not?


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