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Hello! So I've gotten quite a bit of it written so I decided I would post it now! Will be updated often. Must warn you, though, in this version (my version) Alice is a bit evil, so she will be acting wierd.
 Alice stared, she stared at the strange rabbit standing in front of her. She pushed her shoulder-length brown hair behind her ear, "curiouser and curiouser." Alice said. She gathered her skirts and chased after it. 
 "Wait! Wait up!" she said. She ran along and soon, the rabbit was nowhere to be seen. "That's odd, he was here a minute ago," Alice said, slowing her run to a walk. Soon, she came to a rabbit hole, "That's an odd place, I wonder if anyone lives there..." she said crawling further into the hole. "Ahhh!" she screamed as she fell. She noticed rows of shelves with the most ghastly things on them. 

Time passed and soon Alice fell onto a hard checkered floor. There were doors all around her, and a strange door as small as a large shoe-box in the center of them, she walked around, her black boots making small clicking sounds as she did so. She knelt down and tried to turn the brass knob. She stood back up and turned around. A silver table with three legs stood there in the middle of the room. A gold key lay on there, she picked it up and tried to unlock the doors, she then went over to the little, red door and it fit perfectly, she opened it and tucked her hair behind her ear once more. She looked out the door and noticed a strange land with a garden in it. She tried to squeeze through but she wouldn't fit,"if only I were three inches high then I would fit," Alice said, she then turned around and noticed a clear bottle with a strange red-looking elixir in it, a drink me label on it. She opened it, gagged and sipped, she instantly shrunk to three inches high, she took the key out of her pocket, unlocked the strange, red door and went through.

Alice stood up and took the piece of cake that was in her pocket out and before she could take a bite she heard a voice, "No, no, don't eat that! You'll be a seven foot giant with nowhere to go." Said the strange voice. Alice put the cake back in her pocket and crossed her arms, "Who is to say what I eat and what I don't eat? I may eat what I like." she said stubbornly. "Oh, no, you can't eat that Upelkuchen cake."Said the peculiar voice. "I may kill you if I wish." Alice said pulling a pocket knife out of her pocket. There was no answer. "Speak or die." Alice said straight-forwardly. "No," said the voice. "Oh, come out, would you." Alice said. No answer.
Alice continued through the woods and came to an even curiouser place than the last. "Never would've expected to come to a dump like this. It's horribly miserable, they should have some blue here." Alice said, placing her hands on her hips. "Yet, I must admit, it's better than the last place." She said. A dark figure stepped out of the shadows, Alice jumped and pulled her pocket knife out of her pocket, "who's there?" Alice asked the dark shadow-like creature, "It's me!" said the figure, becoming more visible, "The Chesire Cat." said the 'Chesire Cat', "The, pardon, I didn't quite  hear you. You must speak a little louder," Alice said, putting her pocket knife back in her apron pocket.

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Has not read in while but GREAT


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