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if you are looking for aladian get him at JCPenney cause the one at JCPenney has cloth pants where the live action and Walmart cartoon ones have molded on pants. So go for the nice doll even if he is a little more money he also has elbow articulation. I believe the difference in price is five dollers. I think the molded pants cartoon ones were ten and this one is 15 but he's so much nicer. The live action ones I believe were 15 as well but they had molded on pants. I recommend this one cause if the nice pants thou his expression is a but vacant he's still nice quality. 

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Hello, Thrifty,

Is this doll representative of the cartoon character, or of the live-action actor? Sorry that I'm so confused....

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

It's a cartoon one sorry for the confusion 


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