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Hey all,

I am about to get an airbrush to use to customise my dolls. I'm not sure why but I just want one lol

So I'm just wondering if others use them and what paint they use.
Do you have to buy specific and often very expensive paints designed for the airbrush or can you use normal acrylic paint that has been thinned with medium?

So many questions, I know their are sooooo many ridiculously talented doll customisers out there who use airbrush so I'm hoping I can get some advice.


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My first airbrush came with the compressor from Harbor Freight (a hardware store), it was fairly cheap and had no regulation. 

Considering I only use my airbrush for sealing clear layers I worked with it through my first custom, I'm glad it wasn't a name brand airbrush because I had an accident of it falling which damaged the front protective cap. I kept using it but then I bent the needle during cleaning, once again so happy to have that accident with a cheap brush.

Now I use an Iwata neo and I purchased a regulated compressor which encouraged me to explore colors.

  • Airbrush cleaner is highly recommended for airbrushes it should be the first thing you purchase because you spend more time cleaning the airbrush than anything. 
  • You need a respirator, mine cost about $30 and is intended for painters. Don't go cheap and purchase something for sanding, I made that mistake one time. 
  • You can purchase already mixed airbrush paints or mix your own using polymer emulsion based paints (acrylic and gouache).
  • I'm very picky about mixing my own colors so I invested in a large bottle Liquitex Airbrush Medium (none of the local shops had it so I was forced to purchase it online). 
  • A key set of wire brushes for cleaning all internal parts of your airbrush along with paper towels, toothpicks, q-tips.
  • A well ventilated room for working, plenty of newspaper for over spray.

Thanks for the great advice. I found a local craft store that sells liquitex airbrush medium so i will definitely be getting that and a cleaner.


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