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My sister was out looking at dolls today and she went up and asked the clerk for help finding the dolls she was looking for. He asked in a mocking tone if the dolls were for her. She said no that they were for her sister (me). He then asked her how old I was and she told him 24. He rolled his eyes and said "ridiculous," he then proceeded to be dismissive and not help her at all.

Aside from being extremely unprofessional I also think that he was being quite judgmental. I mean it kind of makes you think: what really makes and adult? As an adult it's okay for me to enjoy some things and not others? These unspoken "rules" or societal norms seem awfully arbitrary and random to me.

I'm going to be who I am and like what I want to like and make no apologies to anyone.

What do you guys think about all the adults out there who openly embrace and nurture their inner child?

And have any of you guys experienced weird judgmental people while out shopping for MH dolls or products?

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I'm 30 and I really enjoy collecting these dolls! I wish they would have had Monster High dolls when I was a kid! I get them for my daughter too :)

i got venus the other day in toys r us, im based in england
and i was so looking fowerd to getting her there after waiting 4 months!
the girl at the till dident say anything, but i bought the twin cat girls before with her there once and agen she dident say anything, i just being polite and sayed thank you after buying them and dident think anything of it, i try and act like its not for me , i would be with someone and go aww this would be a great gift, buyt knowing in my heart it was for myself!
most the dolls i have brought online as its easyer for me but buying in a shop, i couldent care less what people thought!
im just greatfull im not going to buy cigerettes or alcahol, like most people my age get!
because thats "normal" right >>
no not really, but seeing buying dolls at my age is strange!
makes u think doesnt it >.br/>nice to know other doll collectors and no one should be ashamed of what they buy, i get angry when my sister gets alcahol all the time! she complanes to me for being a baby getting the next doll but i dont turn around to her and say its bad what shes doing!
i wish i could meet other adult collectors in england! im kinda on my own with my little friends right now ,would be wonderful to meet other people like myself ^_^

Midori Fae said:

I'm 43, and I love my dolls; MH, Bratz, Bratzillaz, Moxies, Liv, vintage Dawn, et cetera (though I'm not a Barbie fan).  I don't get grief from the store staff when I've got dolls with me at the checkout, and I don't feel compelled to lie about who the dolls are for.  It's not the store employees' business , anyway.

In fact, I get a kick out of telling people who the dolls are for when/if they ask.  Years ago, I had a little girl watching me as I was going through after-Christmas clearance toys at Target.  When I picked up a Bratz Live in Concert Sasha (for $2!!), she asked me, "Is that for your daughter?" and she was so shocked when I said that it was for me.  She didn't think an "old lady" like me liked dolls, but I told her that dolls were for anyone who liked them.

Anyway, if I'd gotten some snide comment about being a doll collector from some store employee, I wouldn't have let them get away with it.  I would have reported them to the store manager, e-mailed the company, and told them off. 
Carla said:

Hi!  I'm 50 years old and enjoy buying MH dolls. I like the idea and look forward to what the designers might come up with next.

What are these people afraid of?  I think it's a bit of psychology. They have no life and no hobbies, but they are real hung up on what others will think of them, so they are twits to those around. 

You can only feel sorry for them.  They are probably friendless and lonely...

As for me, I would have to wonder about a nosy store clerk that found it necessary to pry into my private buying habits...


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