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Hey guys,

as some of you might have seen. MH's offical youtube channel has started another Webseries. As you guys may also know, they have brought out a new Ghoulia, Clawd and Abbey Doll. Also Abbey has now arrived back into the Series together with Rochelle, Gil & Operetta.

Pesonally I am not a huge Fan of the new Style, I mean they look ok but the framerate makes it really hard to watch.

However I was wondering what you guys think about the new webisodes?

Here you can see all of them in case you havent already on MH's official Playlist (which is for some Reason backwards)


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The new doll face paints are okay I guess. The lack of articulation and quality IS NOT.

The original webisodes and premise was a zillion times better than the new webisodes. I miss real Monster High. I don't want Monster Homeschool Run By Pre-Teens And Their Parents Who Try To End Monster Diaspora.


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