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Hi. I know this may come across as a weird question, but I've only recently heard about Monster High. I'm an animator and a cartoonist, and through that I recently saw some animation done for the Monster High webisodes. For whatever reason, I just thought it was so cool, and the whole idea really clicked with me.

Mind you, I'm a 21 year old dude. I've always been pretty in touch with my "feminine" side.

That being said, is this at all normal for the Monster High audience? Is it weird that I totally wanna buy a doll for my work desk?

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I am a VERY proud and VERY happy male Monster High collector. I started collecting when they very 1st came out in July 2010 and for te most part Im a completist...Ive collected every MH doll but a couple....but the few i need, I'll eventually get......... but Ive got quite a bit of Monster High goodies on my desk @ work...Ive got both (the larger & smaller) Monster High Ive gotsome MH valentines all around my desk..also postcards......but you say you wanna buy a doll for your work desk..(at the moment Ive got Manny & Iris on my desk) but heres a suggestion...start off with some of the figures...along with Manny & Iris....are my figures Toralei, Twyla, Spectra and Skelita!!! That way, it might help ya start off small.


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