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Hi. I know this may come across as a weird question, but I've only recently heard about Monster High. I'm an animator and a cartoonist, and through that I recently saw some animation done for the Monster High webisodes. For whatever reason, I just thought it was so cool, and the whole idea really clicked with me.

Mind you, I'm a 21 year old dude. I've always been pretty in touch with my "feminine" side.

That being said, is this at all normal for the Monster High audience? Is it weird that I totally wanna buy a doll for my work desk?

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28 yo male
i've been largely interested in fashion dolls in the past so that might be the cause i'm here and loving the MH world, but apart from that i'm a huge horror and animation fan so i've probably would have been interested in them anyway.

My dad may not admit that he's a fan, he has not seen the webisodes but has watched Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?  But with him, I'd say it's clicked.  He started off looking for dolls for us after work, and he'll, with no shame, spent at least a half hour taking pictures and sending them to us to see if we have that doll or not.  And lately, he's started to admit he likes some, like Black Carpet Cleo, Sweet Screams Frankie, Howleen with her floppy ear, and the vinyl Skelita for example.  I'm really glad to say I've found a lot more male fans than I expected to, though in our local area, it's just me and my sister collecting, and many more adults buying them for their kids to play with.

Ah, don't feel abnormal my friend!

We are close to the same age, and I am a male as well. I've actually kinda always liked dolls. Never Barbies, but the big fancy ones that look really pretty that costed, like, $200. White I never actually purchased these, it was nice to look at them. I don't actually know what got me into Monster High. I should probably give credit to my younger brother, who bought our first three dolls while I was away and I got to see them when I got back.

I wish you good luck in catching up - Monster High has been around for almost five years now. 

Well, I'm an old lady, but as you can see, you're far from being alone in the male fan audience! I've seen plenty of male collectors around and I think it's wonderful! It's just a different art form really. I don't think male fans of things such as this or MLP should have to feel ashamed or bashful about the interest. Love what you love!

hey I'm a male and I'm 26 years old I've loved dolls since I was really little in the past I had struggled with my identity and pretended to be someone I wasn't and it didn't make me happy but I finally am me and I feel comfortable and I feel so much better I will never change.

I collect all different lines of dolls Monster High being the one I collect the most when I discovered Monster High I knew I just had to start collecting I love that it's different to most doll lines there has never been anything like this before I love how dark it is as to other lines I feel that it has opened my eyes it's all about being yourself and that's one of things I love about it I feel no shame and I am proud to collect.

I'm an artist and illustrator as well and I often use the dolls I have as models for sketches and drawings.  I think they have a unique, aesthetic design that lends itself well to animated characters.  I also have a modest collection of artist Mel Odom's Gene Marshall, which is another beautiful art figure.  

Monster High appeals to me because I think it's a successful combination of revisionary classic monster character concepts and slightly off-kilter fashion design.  The underlying message of integration and self-worth is powerful and universal.  I've always enjoyed an aspect of child-like creature wonderment over gut-wrenching gore and horror, so this totally appeals to me.  I like to think of zombies as slightly dim-witted, amiable pals rather than ravenous, violent cannibals.  The Walking Dead literally gives me nightmares; Monster High makes me laugh and feel good about myself.

Thank you all so much for the warm responses!

Dude, I am a 27 year old guy who works as an investigator, a very masculine field and I have three dolls on my desk which I rotate quarterly. I have no kids and I just think Monster High is cool. Just be unapologetic about it and embrace it, gender lines don't matter. I never liked dolls before Monster High, but I was into gothic stuff and it just expanded. Its cool and awesome!

I am also not male but my boyfriend collects some of them. He was in the same boat as you are actually, and after learning about Ghoulia's comic nerdiness and seeing her DF fashion pack he fell in love with her but he felt weird about wanting to pick up one of her dolls. I also know a couple guys who, while they dont collect themselves, are very involved in their girlfriends collections and help them find dolls ect. So yeah, you are far from alone and I actually will bring in dolls to work to hang for a few days before switching them out.

34, male and 50 dolls :-)

30 plus male just over 500 mh dolls now.

Hey! Welcome to the Mansters. I'm 52 and a big animation (especially Disney) and classic movie monster fan. When I saw the 2 combined I got very excited to collect. One of the things I like best is that the level of detail in each character's motif is so rich and usually well thought out. The toy commercial for Lagoona's hydration station got me hooked initially. Having to wait 6 months to find her just piqued my interest further. Operetta's rockabilly chick chic did me in for good. I agree with what the other guys are saying too. Toys only have a gender to gender biased people.  Own it unapologetically and be proud.  Enjoy your collecting.


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