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Ok I've been searching the internet for the best place for my daughter to sell her Monster High Dolls and this group was recommended.  What is the best way to list them and are they any rules I need to be aware of first?  She has an entire (2) tupperware totes full of mint condition mostly First Wave dolls will all their accessories.  I have pictures of all of them, they have been stored in sealed bags in a tight storage tote and we don't smoke or have any pets.  Thank you in advance for the help.  I told her I would list them for her and she can put the money in her account for buying crafts and Christmas presents and the rest in her savings.  

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Hi. Good luck with the process. It can be a lot of work. This site requires photos of the items you're selling and most users want to see your username and date in the photo. That proves that it is your photo and stolen from the internet. The most effective way to sell then is to list them with prices. If you post 'make an offer', some people won't waste their time. Most people will only pay by PayPal as a purchase which gives them buyer protection in case the transaction did not meet their needs. A large bubble mailer with one bubble wrapped doll and its accessories, shipped first class with tracking through the PayPal site within the US, will cost around $2.50. If the weight exceeds a certain amount then you have to use Priority Mail. You can save yourself a lot of time for shipping quote requests and just price your dolls plus $2.50 or so additional and then offer them with shipping included. I hope that helps get you started. Good luck.

Thank you very much.  I don't have a problem taking more pictures with my username and date with each.  And I have a business shipping account through all the major shipping companies for flat rate shipping if that helps.  Is it easier to sell them separately or as one large lot?  All of her dolls are in brand new condition with the exception of the original packaging.  She also has several of the sets, like the highschool, car, coffee shop and a few others.  Sorry for so many questions.  She's just grown out of them and I know they have been very well taken care of and would like to see her get her money back on them since most of these were bought with allowance money.  

I honestly think it's better to list separately.  Listing as a huge lot is not something most people here can generally pay for.  You don't have to take pictures of everyone individually, but I have noticed when people sell collections, they'll sort them out into pictures of all boys, then all their Frankies, all their Rochelles, all their Cleos, etc. 

Thank you very much for the help.  I'll get new pictures with username and date and hopefully post soon.  


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