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I bought a Cupid from there about a week ago and she still hasn't come. How long does it usually take for a doll to get to your house? I would like to get an average to see how long I should expect to be waiting for her.

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I also placed an order on 1/2/12 from this site. Seller shipped my order either on 1/5/12 or 1/6/12. My best guess is that I will be receiving my order this week.

I also ordered from that site on Dec.30th and I'm still waiting.They also changed their store name from a doll's envy to a doll's life.They have not responded to any e-mails.My order still says open which means it hasn't shipped!!!!!!!!!!!

Try emailing and inquire about your order. The seller said she ships within 2 business days. I would email and ask and wait for an answer. Good luck.

k thanks you guys.


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