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Two separate questions, actually.

First off, my wonderful boyfriend got my Picture Day Abbe Bominable for my birthday, but whoever did her hair did an awful job.  Half of the front of her hair is hard like her bangs, but it's clearly not supposed to be part of her bangs.  Can anyone tell me how to wash out the glue?

Also, I'm ordering some new colored pencils for doing custom face-ups.  Currently, I've been using my dad' Derwent watercolor pencils, which are doing pretty well and are easy to wipe away when needed.  However, I want the 36 pack which is $45 on Amazon.  Meanwhile, the Derwent colorsoft pencils in the 36 pack are going for $30. Do the colorsofts work well for face-ups?  Which should I go for?  If anyone has some experience, a short pros and cons list would be wonderful. :)

Thank you!

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For the removal of the glue from her hair, I have always just washed the hair using Ivory Bar soap & extra warm water. Sometimes it takes a few washes, but the soap is gentle enough it doesn't leave a residue.

I have been using a mild amount of plain dish soap for glue removal.  It's worked just fine and doesn't leave a residue either.


I used dish soap for all doll hair wash needs since that day I found all my 'My Little Pony' hair came up dull from using them for bath toys. Hand soap and shampoo are often made to leave conditioning components on hair and skin, but dish soap is made to clean plastic and class without leaving a trace.

However, after my Spectra from the same doll run came out of the box with a bad cut and glue globs and ratting, I called the number on the box and gave Mattel an ear-full on the mess up. They sent me a whole new doll in apology, so now mom has a Spectra too with visions of how to mold new shoes dancing in her head. I say get a spare doll for your trouble.

For color pencils, I like Prisma Color for their soft creamy texture, but I have never used them on plastic of any kind. I do know they can be bought on pencil at a time if you want to test them.

I use the prismacolor colored pencils too on their faces and they work really well also the black colored pencils works really well if you wet it just a tiny bit even though its not a water color pencil


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