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The fallowing photo was found on :

EEPSTERS yes victoria made a post about this so some credit goes to her for finding this n_n 


and heres another pic XD


The following photo is from  this link:

Credit goes to catastropheblue for uploading this fangtastic pics to flickr



And lastly this (not owned by me)


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She's so pretty... ^.^
She looks interesting but I will be passing on her.
do you do the ask milly vids?
0.o wth LOL 

Aliena Marz said:
do you do the ask milly vids?
sry i was just watching dem
She looks like she has frost on her. I love it!
I ordered her online getting her on tuesday with spectra ^^
Actually since she gave full credit to the owner of the images it is not image theft. It is image promotion. I am an active member of the art community and as long as people do not claim images as their own and give credit then there is no problem.  The only one who can say the images need to be taken down is the person who took the photos.

P-girl said:
You used them without linkbacks to the original owner. That falls under image theft.
That comment was made before she did.
Well she doesn't absolutely have to link back to the original img. Links just make it easier to see what else the owner has doll. lol
No, she does have to. The original owner insisted on the page she put those pictures. It's very easy for someone to take these pictures and go 'Look what I got!'. It's called giving proper credit. A practice that's sadly under-utilised on the internet.


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