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Yeah indeed! Usually with two-packs there's one Must-Have doll and one Meh doll.

purple_monkfish (AKA Clown Wig) said:

I am delighted! heath is adorable and Abbey is fabulous! I expected another "eh, looks like all the others" abbey but they went such a different direction here with her hair! I love it! First two pack where i've actually really wanted BOTH dolls.

I thought I was excited to see an official promo of Heath but little did I know HOW FREAKING EXCITED I'D BE OVER THIS ABBEY???

I don't even know what to do with myself. Her hair is FABULOUS and she's got to be my favorite Abbey by far, maybe even over her basic??? I don't know! I guess I'll decide when I finally have her in hands. Ahhh!

(also Heath looks nice. xD)

I, as well, am very excited for this pack!

Abbey is gorgeous, and her hair and makeup are beautiful! It's great to see her a bit different. You know, no slicked back hair and light-pink makeup. I really like her. She's a must get for me!

And Heath. HE LOOKS SO COOL. XD I was worried Mattel would screw him up, but he looks really nice and show-accurate.

I'm glad they gave him molded hair instead of rooted. Am I the only one super excited to see a dude in the letterman jacket? I'm very happy we're finally getting one.

Dat oven mitt.



Love this set, I kinda wish he had the rooted hair, but it is much more durable and will stay in place w/ my ghouls.  Love Heath's shoes, and his jacket.  I said this before but I'll say it again, I think it would be cool to see a type of fearleading pack for just the guys, only it's a varsity pack w/ their jackets and sports stuff. 

We'll be keeping this Abbey, ♥ the hair.  I was hoping she was going to be passable as we're trying to keep down on the size of our collection, but she's different and cute enough (dang it mattel ;) ).  I especially like the accessories; the bone-handled spoon, the mould looks like it has a spiderweb design (as well as the oven mitt), the hand mixer looks like a claw, can't make out the other things but I'm sure they're cool too.  Still really wish those cute tables were "real", would have been very functional.

I love this Abbey! Her hair looks amazing and the outfit is pretty cute. I'm not excited about buying her as a two pack since I don't collect the guy dolls at all, but that's fine.

This is the best boy doll Ive seen so far. and yes on the molded hair. I was worried about him having rooted hair cuz it just end up looking like a gelled up mess. I think he's perfect! And thank goodness they decided to do somthing new with Abbey. They gave her the mauve makeup(like in the SS doll) which is my favorite.

UGGHHHHH my money!!!

I wasn't planning on getting this set. But this Abbey is SUPER cute! Now I need it lol. Let the hunt begin /sigh

And just so people can see I wasn't talking out my a## earlier when I said Heath's doll looks like a young Clint Eastwood, check this out...

Heath looks amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on this pack!

Abbey looks amazing!

Holy wow he does!!! lol that's awesome.

MDNA John said:

And just so people can see I wasn't talking out my a## earlier when I said Heath's doll looks like a young Clint Eastwood, check this out...

I just want Abbey. I'll sell Heath. I don't want him at all. Abbey's hair is gorgeous and looks like candy! Not surprised I'm loving her. She's got bangs! XD


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