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So basically this RP is about two sides, Weast Wonderland (good) and West Wonderland (bad). Sadie and the Sailor Senshi are at war with Nessa and the Organization XIII. This RP is filled with fighting, side switching, good vs. evil, plot twists, romance, and most of all having an epic dream which you may not want to wake up from. Monster characters dream as if they are some character from something but some rare ones do not. No one knows it's a dream yet it is and everything is set in a fantasy world with areas taken from books or video games which the characters believe are real (in the Dream anyway). Dying means waking up but when falling back asleep your character ends up at one of the four or five grave-buildings. When someone does die they float up into the air as a black shadow. There's really no rules in this as long as we barely not break any of this site's rules. So yeah lets RP!


Our Epic Cast:

☮Sadie Skeletol☮♫ (BunniBear4)’s Roles:

  • Sadie Skeletol: The White Queen and Sailor Moon
  • Elpidia “Elpie” West: The Mad Hatter and Sailor Uranus
  • Zenovia “Zeni” Song: The March Hare and Sailor Neptune
  • Trideca “Tri” 13: The Chesire Cat and Sailor Venus
  • Catherine “Cat” Maitland: The Blue Caterpillar and Sailor Mars (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Callidora “Calli” Song: Sailor Pluto (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Damon Thanásima: Willy Wonka (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Sybil Skeletol: The Princess of Weast Wonderland, Sailor Chibi Moon, and The Black Lady
  • Ivy West (OC by Maddy Hightop, used with her consent): Namine and supposed Sailor Saturn
  • Jovie Wocky: The Jabberwocky and Xion
  • Nessarine “Nessa” East: The Queen of Hearts and Xemnas
  • Hipcio Griff: Voldemort “Voldie”
  • Luna Fangs: Demyx and Sailor Darkury (Evil Sailor Sailor Mercury)
  • Ichabod Bloodgood: Slave for Nessarine
  • Agrima Reaper: Marluxia
  • Belladonna Fangs: Larxene
  • Julian Fangs: Zexion
  • Euronia Gorgon: Sedusa
  • Shonna Trick: Herself and Buttercup
  • Lolita Or: Herself and Blossom
  • Barbara Treat: Herself and Bubbles
  • Demetra Otherly: The Other Mother (In Lavender Tower's Basement/Hell)
  • Princess Zelda/Tetra (DEAD)
  • Princess Rosalina (DEAD)
  • Ginny Weasly
  • Fix-It Felix Jr.

KraftyKitsune’s Characters:

  • Arianna Furey: Rikku
  • Axel
  • Lorcan Furey/Captain Hook
  • Darcy
  • Althea: Luxord
  • Princess Peach (DEAD)
  • Peter Pan
  • Sergeant Tamora Calhoun

Felica Fright’s Characters:

  • Felica Fright: Alice
  • Jason Scorch: Harry Potter
  •  Daria Grey: Maleficent
  • Jessie Leeds: Bellatrix LeStrange
  • Cho Chang
  • Sirius Black (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Princess Daisy (DEAD)
  • Tinker Bell

Zena’s Characters:

  • Alexis Underworld: Draco Malfoy
  • Lola Pop: Luna Lovegood
  • Chroma Prisma: Moaning Myrtle (Crying Chroma)
  • Lyron Melodia: Colin Creevy
  • Demeter/Ceres
  • Ron Weasly
  • Hermione Granger

Cannon Characters:

  • Toralei Stripe: Saix
  • Abbey Bominable: Vexen
  • Spectra Vondergiest: Rita Skeeter
  • Operetta: Herself and a waitress at The Cavern
  • Holt Hyde: Himself and a bartender at The Cavern
  • Deuce Gorgon: Himself and a chef at The Cavern
  • Cleo de Nile: Herself
  • Frankie Stein: Dorothy (Watzit is Toto :3)
  • HooDude: The Scarecrow
  • Robecca Steam: The Tin(wo)man
  • Clawdeen Wolf: The Cowardly Lion (she gets brave later though)
  • Headless Headmistress Bloodgood: Herself
  • C.A. Cupid: Herself in Cat's perfume which sends you into a dream-ception

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"Did Ari and Hook sorta agree that ALL this drama was POINTLESS!? God, you people... Like..." Tri groaned then put her index finger next to her and and pretend to shoot herself and die.


"The bank's that way," Toralei dashed the other direction to the bank.

Ari turned to look over her shoulder at Tri. "It's complicated, okay? Hate-to-love-him relationship at this point, and I can't do a thing about it." She sighed. "That's what happens when you're blood related. And no, it wasn't pointless - Zeni's going to get it for beating him up later. Trust me on that one." she growled, her protective side kicking in.

'No one beats up Lorcan and gets away with it - save for me and mom.'

Looking back she noticed Hook was still around, a hurt smile at the truth of that simple statement on his face. "We all know that's true." he said softly. 

"But she didn't need to try to murder him if he didn't come therefore it's pointless!" Tri moaned almost determined to be augmentative. 

"What am I going to get? I hope it is CANDY!" Zeni squeeled at the thought, she loved candy.

A dark, devilish grin slowly crept across Ari's face at that, but it was replaced by an overly sweet facade not a moment later. "Oh no, Zeni; it's not candy but it sure is sweet. I'd even say it's better than candy!" Beckoning the siren closer with her finger, she stepped towards Zeni slyly. "Come over here and I'll give you some..." she called with a playful tone, even as she clenched her fists.


‘Sweet revenge is what this is…’

Jason frowned, trying to put what Ari said together. Okay, hang on...blood relatives...mentioning of a mom in this picture...huh...wonder if...he thought to himself. 


"...I knew that..." Venus mumbled, running after Toralei in the other direction. 

Lola had no idea what was going on with Ari and Zeni, because she was still focusing on the Disney talk. "What's your favourite Disney movie?" she asked Fel and Sadie.

"Hmm..." Fel frowned in thought, tapping her chin. "I've, this is hard...well, I mean, I do like a LOT. And I mean a lot! But I really love Sleeping Beauty, I suppose," she answered, finally.

((Wow, Fel didn't say Peter Pan... That's like super surprising!))

"By the way, trying to get revenge on Zeni for what she did, you'll get put on her hit list too," Elpie growled with her own evil grin.

"Something tells me you're imitating those creepy guys who try to lure children with candy, Ari," Zeni backed away from the pirate feeling honestly creeped out.

((I couldn't make her a total clone of me, Sadie. And I figured saying Alice would be too...ironic...BT I WAS CONSIDERING THAT! XDD))

((*looks at the deadness of this RP* *backs off in horror* *attempts to revive RP with lame one-liner*))

"I liked Pocahontas! And Toy Story, all three of them! I think Disney still owns Pixar!" Lola added. "Does it?"

((Guess I'm not the only one cringing at the coma it's in; luckily I'm off for the holidays for about 4 weeks so up and at 'em, Dreamers! Let's kick this thing back into gear! Fel, I need to talk to you about a few things for this and the Fairytale RP we were in when you get on. Yeah, I feel so bad about murdering that one and I actually like it! Homicide by neglect ><. Also, you really need to finish Jason's thought process so we can post those 50+ posts we made in PM later....

And dang it, I'm drawing a blank because all my ideas on how to move Ari I need to run by Fel. T_T On a major side note though, WELCOME BACK ZENA!! We must chat soon and catch up.))

((Yup, yup! This RP shall be kicking and ALIVE and AWESOME and generally everything Dreams is made out of. 

Also, we really need a plot twist, albeit how random it may be. Also, I glad to see you guys all again! :D We honestly must catch up and all that!))


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