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So basically this RP is about two sides, Weast Wonderland (good) and West Wonderland (bad). Sadie and the Sailor Senshi are at war with Nessa and the Organization XIII. This RP is filled with fighting, side switching, good vs. evil, plot twists, romance, and most of all having an epic dream which you may not want to wake up from. Monster characters dream as if they are some character from something but some rare ones do not. No one knows it's a dream yet it is and everything is set in a fantasy world with areas taken from books or video games which the characters believe are real (in the Dream anyway). Dying means waking up but when falling back asleep your character ends up at one of the four or five grave-buildings. When someone does die they float up into the air as a black shadow. There's really no rules in this as long as we barely not break any of this site's rules. So yeah lets RP!


Our Epic Cast:

☮Sadie Skeletol☮♫ (BunniBear4)’s Roles:

  • Sadie Skeletol: The White Queen and Sailor Moon
  • Elpidia “Elpie” West: The Mad Hatter and Sailor Uranus
  • Zenovia “Zeni” Song: The March Hare and Sailor Neptune
  • Trideca “Tri” 13: The Chesire Cat and Sailor Venus
  • Catherine “Cat” Maitland: The Blue Caterpillar and Sailor Mars (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Callidora “Calli” Song: Sailor Pluto (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Damon Thanásima: Willy Wonka (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Sybil Skeletol: The Princess of Weast Wonderland, Sailor Chibi Moon, and The Black Lady
  • Ivy West (OC by Maddy Hightop, used with her consent): Namine and supposed Sailor Saturn
  • Jovie Wocky: The Jabberwocky and Xion
  • Nessarine “Nessa” East: The Queen of Hearts and Xemnas
  • Hipcio Griff: Voldemort “Voldie”
  • Luna Fangs: Demyx and Sailor Darkury (Evil Sailor Sailor Mercury)
  • Ichabod Bloodgood: Slave for Nessarine
  • Agrima Reaper: Marluxia
  • Belladonna Fangs: Larxene
  • Julian Fangs: Zexion
  • Euronia Gorgon: Sedusa
  • Shonna Trick: Herself and Buttercup
  • Lolita Or: Herself and Blossom
  • Barbara Treat: Herself and Bubbles
  • Demetra Otherly: The Other Mother (In Lavender Tower's Basement/Hell)
  • Princess Zelda/Tetra (DEAD)
  • Princess Rosalina (DEAD)
  • Ginny Weasly
  • Fix-It Felix Jr.

KraftyKitsune’s Characters:

  • Arianna Furey: Rikku
  • Axel
  • Lorcan Furey/Captain Hook
  • Darcy
  • Althea: Luxord
  • Princess Peach (DEAD)
  • Peter Pan
  • Sergeant Tamora Calhoun

Felica Fright’s Characters:

  • Felica Fright: Alice
  • Jason Scorch: Harry Potter
  •  Daria Grey: Maleficent
  • Jessie Leeds: Bellatrix LeStrange
  • Cho Chang
  • Sirius Black (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Princess Daisy (DEAD)
  • Tinker Bell

Zena’s Characters:

  • Alexis Underworld: Draco Malfoy
  • Lola Pop: Luna Lovegood
  • Chroma Prisma: Moaning Myrtle (Crying Chroma)
  • Lyron Melodia: Colin Creevy
  • Demeter/Ceres
  • Ron Weasly
  • Hermione Granger

Cannon Characters:

  • Toralei Stripe: Saix
  • Abbey Bominable: Vexen
  • Spectra Vondergiest: Rita Skeeter
  • Operetta: Herself and a waitress at The Cavern
  • Holt Hyde: Himself and a bartender at The Cavern
  • Deuce Gorgon: Himself and a chef at The Cavern
  • Cleo de Nile: Herself
  • Frankie Stein: Dorothy (Watzit is Toto :3)
  • HooDude: The Scarecrow
  • Robecca Steam: The Tin(wo)man
  • Clawdeen Wolf: The Cowardly Lion (she gets brave later though)
  • Headless Headmistress Bloodgood: Herself
  • C.A. Cupid: Herself in Cat's perfume which sends you into a dream-ception

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((*pokes* Wake up, sleepy RP. .3.))

((Fel, quit giving me the guilt trip. Trust me when I say I'd rather be RPing than doing a crapload of homework that is CONVENIENTLY all due this Thursday. It's not little "1 hour each" projects either. Nooo, it's a sociology thinking paper [5 full pages minimum], a take-home Spanish test, Spanish exercises, and a history research scavenger hunt within various articles and books. T_T  Normally I'd be okay with all this, but ALL DUE ON THE SAME DAY?!))

((Well, doesn't THAT sound fun....sorry! Not trying to give a guilt trip! >.< *crawls into Corner of Shame* Although if it makes you feel any better in any way...uhm...I read 'sociology' as 'sciencetology' at first. I make up my own words, woo!))

"Yes it's a robot. One that can sense life with a simple scanner. I want you to go to OZ with EVE and make sure no one living is there. If anyone is murder them. Simple enough?" The Queen looked at one of her newer minions helpers with a demonic reassuring glare.I had been around six months since the attacks she had planned there. She had sent her strongest fight Roxas and her friend Axel to destroy everything in sight. The only reason why the Queen decided to bother with this task is to make sure Roxas didn't wimp out and avoid killing the Wizard. 

((Such a fail of a post - the SHAAAAAME! ....ah well, I've got other things I'm preoccupied with, riiight Fel? Like stopping the cavalry from murdering a guy. XDD))

Ari had no idea how to react to Zeni going from all Warrior-Zena mode to gushing girl in a matter of seconds.  “Wha…?” Catching Lorcan’s eye, they both shrugged.



Unnoticed by the two villains, EVE’s LED eyes flickered to life. Watching silently for a moment, it waited till Nessa stopped talking. “Directive?” she demanded in her electronically blunt voice. Turning to Daria, she repeated herself. “Directive?”

"Zeni has magical switches. Something can totally get her mind off something she is determined to do. It's truly magical. Like Disney magic," Elpie explained to the confused Lorcan, Ari, and everyone else.


"Oh look she turned on. How magical. Just like Disney flicks," The Queen sighed as she looked at the robot "I just explained this to her. I want you and the evil witch lady to go find life in Oz.  If anyone is there you will kill them. If no one is there you will report right back here!" the Queen then explained in a very babyish voice followed by a giggle.

((Is it sad that I just "D'daaaaaw! 8D"-ed at EVE? XDDDD))

Fel- rolled her eyes. "Well, duh. Disney makes everything better."


Daria blinked. "Oh. Uh...hi there....yeah, we've got to go do stuff in Oz and...uh...yeeeah..." She probably sounded slgithly stupid, but in her defense, she had never talked to a robot before. 

"No it doesn't. Pokemon does!" Elpie cried in defense of her favorite game series ever.

"No it doesn't. MARU makes everythings bettah!" Zeni shouted while d'awing ath the cat video as it ended.


"Be firm with robots unless they have been turned one for just the first time, then I treat them like toddlers with the ability to kill in this case," Nessa looked over at Daria "So you gonna now?" she asked.

((I'm going to post soon-ish, once Maddy sends back my post for me. I sent her my post to post for me, but I didn't save my post, so Maddy needs to send back my post so I can post on this thread and stuff.
Dreams can't die before its 1st birthday.))
((okay here is the post okay))
“Oh, Disney!” Lola’s eyes lit up at the mention of the company. She was holding a cup of tea (the tea seemed to strangely materialise, but the RPer that is currently typing out these words decided to ignore all plot holes). Lola sipped the tea. “I watched some of the movies that they made! They were really great!”
After Sparrow’s long absense of silence, Alexis decided to take matters in her own hands. Except, currently, what was in her own hands was an air guitar. Dropping the air guitar, she almost collided into the figure that was ascending the stairs.
(this can be anyone)


Jason shrugged. "I guess Disney is okay." Fel narrowed her eyes at him.

"You take that back, Jason...Disney is amazing," she said, crossing her arms.


"Uhh, yeah, sure. Going. right. Treat it like a homicidal toddler. Can do," Daria said. "Well. Come on, EVE-h. We've got stuff to do."

"I remember seeing Cinderella in the theaters," Sadie sighed "I am so old..."


"Well homicidal toddlers are the BEST toddlers!" the Queen grinned at Daria.

((BTW guys I'm not my best mentally. I've basically missed this week of school because I've been feeling like I have depression. That and Pokemon have really slowed me down.))


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