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So basically this RP is about two sides, Weast Wonderland (good) and West Wonderland (bad). Sadie and the Sailor Senshi are at war with Nessa and the Organization XIII. This RP is filled with fighting, side switching, good vs. evil, plot twists, romance, and most of all having an epic dream which you may not want to wake up from. Monster characters dream as if they are some character from something but some rare ones do not. No one knows it's a dream yet it is and everything is set in a fantasy world with areas taken from books or video games which the characters believe are real (in the Dream anyway). Dying means waking up but when falling back asleep your character ends up at one of the four or five grave-buildings. When someone does die they float up into the air as a black shadow. There's really no rules in this as long as we barely not break any of this site's rules. So yeah lets RP!


Our Epic Cast:

☮Sadie Skeletol☮♫ (BunniBear4)’s Roles:

  • Sadie Skeletol: The White Queen and Sailor Moon
  • Elpidia “Elpie” West: The Mad Hatter and Sailor Uranus
  • Zenovia “Zeni” Song: The March Hare and Sailor Neptune
  • Trideca “Tri” 13: The Chesire Cat and Sailor Venus
  • Catherine “Cat” Maitland: The Blue Caterpillar and Sailor Mars (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Callidora “Calli” Song: Sailor Pluto (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Damon Thanásima: Willy Wonka (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Sybil Skeletol: The Princess of Weast Wonderland, Sailor Chibi Moon, and The Black Lady
  • Ivy West (OC by Maddy Hightop, used with her consent): Namine and supposed Sailor Saturn
  • Jovie Wocky: The Jabberwocky and Xion
  • Nessarine “Nessa” East: The Queen of Hearts and Xemnas
  • Hipcio Griff: Voldemort “Voldie”
  • Luna Fangs: Demyx and Sailor Darkury (Evil Sailor Sailor Mercury)
  • Ichabod Bloodgood: Slave for Nessarine
  • Agrima Reaper: Marluxia
  • Belladonna Fangs: Larxene
  • Julian Fangs: Zexion
  • Euronia Gorgon: Sedusa
  • Shonna Trick: Herself and Buttercup
  • Lolita Or: Herself and Blossom
  • Barbara Treat: Herself and Bubbles
  • Demetra Otherly: The Other Mother (In Lavender Tower's Basement/Hell)
  • Princess Zelda/Tetra (DEAD)
  • Princess Rosalina (DEAD)
  • Ginny Weasly
  • Fix-It Felix Jr.

KraftyKitsune’s Characters:

  • Arianna Furey: Rikku
  • Axel
  • Lorcan Furey/Captain Hook
  • Darcy
  • Althea: Luxord
  • Princess Peach (DEAD)
  • Peter Pan
  • Sergeant Tamora Calhoun

Felica Fright’s Characters:

  • Felica Fright: Alice
  • Jason Scorch: Harry Potter
  •  Daria Grey: Maleficent
  • Jessie Leeds: Bellatrix LeStrange
  • Cho Chang
  • Sirius Black (DEAD IN LAVENDER TOWN)
  • Princess Daisy (DEAD)
  • Tinker Bell

Zena’s Characters:

  • Alexis Underworld: Draco Malfoy
  • Lola Pop: Luna Lovegood
  • Chroma Prisma: Moaning Myrtle (Crying Chroma)
  • Lyron Melodia: Colin Creevy
  • Demeter/Ceres
  • Ron Weasly
  • Hermione Granger

Cannon Characters:

  • Toralei Stripe: Saix
  • Abbey Bominable: Vexen
  • Spectra Vondergiest: Rita Skeeter
  • Operetta: Herself and a waitress at The Cavern
  • Holt Hyde: Himself and a bartender at The Cavern
  • Deuce Gorgon: Himself and a chef at The Cavern
  • Cleo de Nile: Herself
  • Frankie Stein: Dorothy (Watzit is Toto :3)
  • HooDude: The Scarecrow
  • Robecca Steam: The Tin(wo)man
  • Clawdeen Wolf: The Cowardly Lion (she gets brave later though)
  • Headless Headmistress Bloodgood: Herself
  • C.A. Cupid: Herself in Cat's perfume which sends you into a dream-ception

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With Lorcan being pulled off her with Silvermist’s magic, Ari was finally able to get up. She missed Silvermist’s comment though as her attention was more on Zeni getting powered up. Her eyes narrowed dangerously when the siren pulled out the mirror though, a hint of red beginning to show. “Zeni, I’m warning you – you try anything more with Lorcan, and I won’t be responsible for my actions….”


Hook, meanwhile, was immensely relieved to have been spared any more whacks with the frying pan. And fairy magic truly did work – he didn’t even have a headache! “I thank yea, good fairy, for thy help.” He said, using his more refined speech (yes, he could speak thus!) and nodding slightly to show his gratitude.

((Zena, have I ever mentioned that your posts CRACK me up?! XDD Mainly Al's part, but that's because Al's funny. XD))

Nerola just grinned, nodding. "I'm just doing my job. I am a fairy afterall! Thy help thee to understand and reflecth" She said before walking over to Ari. "I'll be seeing ya, Ari!" She said before holding out her hand, and before it was a silver chain necklace with a medium-sized glass droplet on the end, but inside it was true Silver Water, Fairy Water.

"Use it wisely, Arianna! Because you can only use it once!" She proclaimed, still having a cheery grin on her face.

Ari was momentarily distracted by Silvermist. “Yeah, yeah, thanks, Sil; I’ll keep it safe.” Grinning cheekily at the thought, she couldn’t help but ask. She was a pirate after all, and loved trinkets and treasure. “And after I use said water, I get to keep the necklace vial, right?”

"Yo Zeni! I got a video with Maru the cat in it!" Elpie shouted with an iPhone in her hand. Cat videos could take Zeni out of any trance, especially any having to do with murdering someone with a frying pan. The only reason why Elpie didn't do it sooner was she wanted the pirate to get revenge for taking her into his quarters earlier. 

"SUBMARINE RE- Waits... Did you say Maru?" Zeni flashed a glance over at Elpie.

"Yes... Now come watch him be adorable!" she lured her friend over as she hit play. As Zeni walked over she transformed back into herself from the Neptune outfit. Of course, all or hopefully all Dreams censored the two seconds of nudity which happens whenever a Senshi changes back.

"OMG! HE'S BITING THE PLASTIC THINGY!" Zeni squeed at the adorableness.

((This the video she's watching BTW,


"Well I had some members of the Organization intrastate Oz and destroyed all life within it. I want to make sure that statement is one-hundred percent true. I plan to send you there to investigate. I'm not that cruel though... You're going to get the best piece of technology to scan for life traveling with you. May I present, EVE!" The Queen pulled away the velvet cloth to show a glass case with a white probe with a black screen inside. The Queen then pushed her name-tag in on the case and it opened up. "Now let me turn you on..." the Queen said to herself while doing just that "Prepare to meet your new partner!" 

Nerola grinned at her normal pirate behavior. "Sure you can keep it!" And then she turned towards Larcon, studying him analytically. "Take care of her" She then winked and then suddenly, she was gone, disappearing into a orange and blue mist.

Sparrow was completely confused and embarrassed after doing such a thing. "Do you always talk like this?" She asked.
((Fel, that comment MADE MY WEEK. Thank you. Alexis approves of someone finding her funny. I approve of rainbow bacon.))

"Talk... like what?" Alexis gave a frown. "I talk normally! Do I have to talk in metaphors now? Or similes? Or like John Keats' poetry? I don't speak in poetry! People just stare at you like wut, and I get that enough already!"

"You just talk in a hyper voice all the time without really stopping" Sparrow said stoically, before she turned around and narrowed her eyes. "Do you hear something? Sounds like..... footsteps, secretive footsteps" Her senses picked up on this,  thin, dilated pupils dashing all around, trying to catch the slightest of moments.

((:3 Seriously. She's hilarious. Oh, and, aside from half of the first one, I watched the Back to the Future movies this weekend. Great Scott, are they funny. XDDD (Yes, I said that only to be corny. :3)))

((Oooh, lookie, the reply that Fel has totally been slacking on writing....))

Daria blinked a few times. "...It's...a robot?" she asked in confusion. "I'm working...with a robot..named Eve-h?" she asked, mispronouncing EVE's name slightly. "Well, I can't say I've done that before, but there's a first time for everything, I suppose." She stepped forward to peek over The Queen's shoulder at the sleek white probe. "Ooh, shiny..." she commented observantly. "Anyhoo, so me and Eve-h here are going to Oz to scan the whole place? That's it? That doesn't sound too hard, really."

((Just saying, Sadie, I can't really write a post till Friday due to 3 exams being on Thursday. Add to that dreadful mix the fact that I'm not feeling too hot, and it makes for a miserable next few days. Oh yeah, and little brother's going into surgery tomorrow. Lovely, eh?))

((That is heavy great news, Fel! They are epic! I can't post right now, sorry folks, it's late at night here, and I honestly, truly, don't have the energy to pull off a full Alexis-style-rant about secretive footsteps and lying dreamers. I might have the energy. I think I'll try.))
"Eh.. yeah, I hear a lot of things. Like voices in my head, and the voices sound like my own speaking voice, which kinda makes sense if you think about it! Oh right, footsteps. Secretive footsteps. I should remain quiet now, shouldn't I?" Alexis stopped frowning and put on a neutral expression. "Wait! I have a question! Do we attack or ask questions first? Or do we confuse the opponent with random quotes?"


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