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I implore whoever is in charge of Monster High dolls, if anyone, to hire a few more helping hands on the site.
It has quickly become clear to me that this site is slowly losing its grip. I love this place, despite appearances, and I hate to see it transform from a great place to come together to talk about the awesome line that is Monster a kindergarten.

Every day I see more and more chaos and disorder. The forums are a complete mess, some topics quickly dissolve into insult hurling, topics are posted in the wrong place, some are inappropriate or rude, but no matter how many times people ask for assistance or advice from our good mods, their questions go unanswered, help never arrives, and many are left to fend for themselves. below is a perfect example:

I certainly am not suggesting that the moderates are doing a bad job. Goth knows whoever they are they are trying their hardest, but they are spread way too thinly, and the traffic on MHdolls is constantly increasing. here is what I am proposing:


ONE moderator who oversees all the others, a general mod, if you will, to make sure things run smoothly. If there is a particularly nasty situation they take care of it, and will also direct members to the proper moderators.


TWO other moderators who take care of photo/video/blogs, profiles and account issues. they both take over the head Mod if he or she becomes unavailable.


THREE additional moderators who run the forums. They do not oversee one particular area of the forum, but together take care of all of it, making sure topics are in the right forum, threads have meaningful conversation and do not become flaming wars.


I have asked repeatedly for additional help to be brought on board, to both Deuce and Jinx (they are the only moderators I know of) but again, I have been left without an answer. I'm not sure why they haven't responded or done something about this earlier because there is indeed a need, but I know it isn't because they are unwilling to share power or responsibility. my hope is that they will see this petition, and if we get at least a few signatures, we can make the site a better place.


thank you.

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oh, and of course. I sign here:

Jack Herby

My sign


oh and I completly agree

Jack Herby said:

oh, and of course. I sign here:

Jack Herby




And can I recommend someone for being a mod? :T If so Kariska Killswitch would be an awesome one and she's of age. 

I completely agree with you Jack Herby. I love this site, but it's really starting to go downhill fast.





iEatIdiots sign here. 

I also think we should nominate mods then vote for them.
I think so too, but its not exactly our decision, its Deuce's so... ~shrugs~

iEatIdiots said:
iEatIdiots sign here. 

I also think we should nominate mods then vote for them.

Sounds like a plan.



Signed, Avalon Jane <3


Signed,  Danielle Devil.

I think that the forums keep on getting filled up with junk like fights and such. So I agree completely.

~ ♫Sadie “Chinakles” Skeletol

That's my fancy sig! You know it's mine since it mentions Chinakles.


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