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Hi Folks,


just look what I found...


A Holt re-release? I know Draculaura, Frankie and Clawdeen are out as re-release and many many Fans (like me) wait for a Holt re-release... I know now there are only rumors, but who knows, maybe we will get one. What I don`t understand is in that fact the price of that seller... he/she writes a re-release, but with the price for the old ones. Sorry, who will be buying a 100 Euro or over Holt, when the seller writes its a re-release wich in time can be found for about 20-30 Euro??


Was just wondering and wanted to share it :-)

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hi really would like to know HOW they can pre-sell something without knowing when it will be out

Plus, a re-relase would lower the price, hence, they should be a lot lower

That would be too good :-)


Okay, I don`t know what price the auction started... and the peoble are bidding now. Maybe I`ll write a message to the seller.

As someone of you could remember I bought one Holt Hyde from China, nude and described as "doll with defects"..and  I saw a lot these auctions on ebay and aliexpress...and this fact made me wonder if a new release of holt is going to hit the market because I find really strange that there is such a big number of defect dolls supposed to come from a two year (or even older) production...where have being these scrap dolls stored for 3 years or more? could this mean really a NEW production and release?

I took a look at Mattel's italian 2013 catalogue
it shows everything that will come out from here till christmas and even though we're late at getting lines there's no re-release shows beyond the first wave frankie, clawdeen and Draculaura
i'm the first who wants a holt re-release but i think sellers are just taking advantage of the MH frenzy putting out imaginary re-releases without any official confirm

We must wait and see...

I also found a different Holt Hyde pre-order, this one is in the U.S.  I was looking yesterday trying to find one of the defect ones and saw this pre-order.  The only thing is the seller does not have a very high rating.  Plus the bids are already over $100 for it,

Looks like a scam -- that's the fall 2011 box. I wouldn't hold your breath for a core/orignal favorite release of Holt this year.

yeah me too
i'd better start save serious money and buy an old NIB one from a 100% certified seller

Brian Sheppard said:

Looks like a scam -- that's the fall 2011 box. I wouldn't hold your breath for a core/orignal favorite release of Holt this year.

They have both Holt and Ghoulia rerelease available.
I saw those. Hopefully it's true their going to do a re-release, but you'd have to crazy to spend what their selling it for.

yeah... cheaper than ebay, but still expensive...


two days ago I found the LOVE BITES Set (is this correct?) of Draculaura und Clawd for 66 Euro... that was cheap (in my oppinion) so I got those... but 80 Dollars just for one doll??? No


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