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Hi Folks,


just look what I found...


A Holt re-release? I know Draculaura, Frankie and Clawdeen are out as re-release and many many Fans (like me) wait for a Holt re-release... I know now there are only rumors, but who knows, maybe we will get one. What I don`t understand is in that fact the price of that seller... he/she writes a re-release, but with the price for the old ones. Sorry, who will be buying a 100 Euro or over Holt, when the seller writes its a re-release wich in time can be found for about 20-30 Euro??


Was just wondering and wanted to share it :-)

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i don't trust storenvy
I asked another shop who said they had holt and ghoulia to take pictures of the box with a piece of paper and a reserved sign in front of them and they didn't do it, but right before they said they would provide pics
when i accused them of scam - seriously if you say you can provide pics they could have do what i asked - they blocked me from buying
a friend made an order and it's a week and she hasn't heard from them or received a tracking number
they're all scams i swear

Here is another store with Holt available.

Anyone interested in shopping here should use their common sense.  If you feel like something isn't right, then it probably isn't.  I personally don't think all the stores are scams.  The site would have been shut down by now.

BTW calebtobey, they can't block you from buying from them.  It isn't ebay where you can block buyers.

I noticed one day while looking that Holt has two different box designs.  I don't know if it means anything, or if they just changed his box in mid production.  Does anyone know?  As much as I would love it to happen, I'm not getting my hopes up.

well they said they would block me but since they reek of scam i won't buy from them in the first place

i've been asking to THREE different storenvy stores (and some ebay users) to take a picture of the Holt box with a piece of paper and my name on it, to be sure that thay HAVE the doll, and magically every store gave me excuses for how they could NOT take the pic. (they're in a warehouse, i'm a mom, i don't do pics because of time, etc)

to me they're all scams
if they don't take a warranty pic, they're blowing smoke

If they don't take a pic they are a scam? Wow, I don't know anyone who has time to take pictures for every customer's request. I know I actually sent a picture to someone and they turned around and used it on ebay. So, I totally get why they would refuse. Again, if you don't trust it, don't buy from them.

That photo, at least, is not a re release Holt, look at the MH logo on the box. It's not colored.

Just found a rerelease for all the Wave 3 dolls including Holt Hyde on Entertainment Earth. They are taking preorders for a July release!

I wonder if they will be re-released in Europe...

MonsterHunter said:

Just found a rerelease for all the Wave 3 dolls including Holt Hyde on Entertainment Earth. They are taking preorders for a July release!

yeah... really a re-release... okay, don't know if there will be one in europe, but i hope so

damn it... just saw the shipping rates ... okay, doubleprice fo this set :-(


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