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Happy Weekend All,

Hope everyone is doing great..I've made some great finds recently and wanted to share. We went to a 99 Cents only store in the East Bay, California and on a shelf there was this MH Mini Case with a Frankie Mini fig..for all of $3.99 with a very cute Frankie figure. It was a happy find for me. In the past I'd gone to So. Calif 99 cents only stores and found dolls for $1.99 !!!

Over At Amazon I finally tracked down the Picnic Raven I wanted at a Great Price and also bought the Maddie Tea Party for my set of EAH Dolls. I really like the way Amazon packaged them and they have a Great return policy if you need to return. I purchased several items including a EAH Messenger bag so shipping was Free.

Hope everyone has a Great weekend & that you find all the Treasures you are looking for. My Guy went out to our accountants earlier and on his way home stopped at a Thrift store and brought me home a shot glass for my collection of German castle glasses, a stuffed Marie from The Aristocats (Disney film ) & a brand new popcorn maker..(I LOVE popcorn and am quite a chef when making it ..LOL ) He is a Great Shopper indeed !!



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I know you are happy with your picnic Raven! Another pretty Raven doll for your collection.

I really don't like the smiling faces of the EAH dolls. It is not my cup of tea, Maddie! lol

Frankie is so cute. I love the minis.

I did not buy much recently. I am doing a clear out (lots of books went to the charity shops) and it is difficult for me. It takes me 3 times the time it should because of my difficulties to let things go easily. I bought 2 things on Ebay: the first version of Madeline from an adult collector. She is so pretty, I am very impressed. She was extremely cheap and in perfect condition. I also bought a bundle of 8 minis for a great price too. They are all very cute and there is Gigi in the lot. I did not even know they made a mini of Gigi. And I love Catty Noir in a teddy bear outfit, so cute!

I am on a "doll break" at the moment. I am waiting for the car boot sales to start. I will try to be more selective and buy less (there are lots of dolls I don't buy from boot sales already. Not so interesting glue heads Clawdeens, Dracs, Frankies etc and dolls in bad condition. lol... a bit fussy!)

Enjoy your finds and the popcorn. Have a great week-end!

Dear Tula,

Happy weekend :) Thank you for your nice reply/message. You know me so well..I had waited on the Picnic one for awhile and after never finding it in any US store ..picked it up at amazon for a great price. I love the Maddie doll and missed my chance when she was on the shelf at one TRU so thought I'd get her from amazon since they are not being made anymore. BTW, there are 3 EAH Sweet Treat dolls on amazon, but Raven is not one of them. I agree 100 % I love the mini's too..and that case was quite a surprise.

I applaud you for sharing your treasured books with a charity shop so another can find them and love them as you did. We are so alike in how hard it is to let our treasures/things go..Congrats on the great purchases from ebay.8 Mini's & a Madeline..I am still searching for a mini Ghoulia..Maybe this week I might find her..I am keeping my fingers crossed for you to find cool things at the Boot Sales !!

The Popcorn turned out GREAT last night & My Guy even cleaned the whole Popper for me :)

Happy Sun Hugs,


Hi Maureen,

My "doll activity" is quite low, so is the forum's! So I have decided to send you a picture of my last car boot sale finds! Not much but I am quite happy with them and they did not break the bank!

Apple White is from the charity shop. She is in good condition missing her jacket, tiara and her necklace. I have her necklace somewhere so she will have it back! She was £2.

The others are from the car boot sale.

Anna is my first Disney doll (maybe the last?!) She is so cute and in great condition missing her gloves. She was £1.50. I don't normally like Disney dolls that much...There is a beginning to everything!

Sasha has no feet (shoes! lol) but luckily I have all her outfit from a previous car boot sale last summer. Pleased with her. She was only 20 pence! She will look fantastic dressed up in her british outfit.

Frankie is not in great condition, I bought her mainly for her forearms. I need forearms for another Frankie! But now, I feel guilty to take them from her! lol Oh dear! She was 50 pence.

Catrine dress was 10 pence and somebody gave me Toralei (she is missing one hand and one forearm. She is very pretty. I will buy them from Ebay eventually.)

The Dino Zelf is so cute and he was 50 pence!

That's it! So let's see what we will find next time! I hope to see some new finds from you soon.

I also bought Kala from TRUs for £4. I was surprised they had any dolls left. She is still boxed. Unfortunately, all the TRUs have closed down in the UK now. Sad.

Have a great week-end!

Take care

Dear Tula,

Happy Weekend :) How are you ? Awesome find of the dollies !! I have not found any new ( or old ) dolls..Did find some new stuffed animals & Shopkins. I am working on the Kitchen & dining room..( way to many other rooms to do so I stayed with Kitchen, dining room & picked up items for the garden of my Puppy Patio. :) Shopkins are truly way to addictive. I am thinking of picking up Sugar Coated Maddie from EAH, sad that the TRU in UK are already gone. Our stores locally are still packed.I might take a trip to one today to see how it is going. There is another move by the Billionaire who tried to buy some of our TRU stores..He made one move, the TRU folks said not enough cash so now he is trying again to keep the US/Canada stores open by buying some or most of them,

Happy Sun Shopping Hugs,



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