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$87 for Rockelle and Tyrasaurus on Amazon? Highway ROBBERY! Wow....just wow!


I purchased MY Rockelle and Tyrasaurus for only $40.00 on Amazon. That's the NORMAL price. They recently arrived, and I just went online to see if there were any reviews yet, and....

They are OBVIOUSLY sold out, except that they're available from one seller, and you can get the tune of EIGHTY SEVEN DOLLARS (Including S&H, but NOT including TAX).

HIGHWAY ROBBERY, and I only wish that I had ANOTHER set, so that I could sell it, for a REASONABLE price, to someone who wanted it.

I guess that it's off to eBay for those of you who wanted that gift set. :( I'll go and check out the prices THERE....and hope that they're more REASONABLE.

Eighty seven dollars is NOT called making a reasonable profit off of something that's NORMALLY only FORTY. I hope that Amazon gets some MORE in soon, so that THEIR normal option will be $40.00 again.

This trend of trying to scalp everyone, ESPECIALLY when the products are BRAND FREAKING NEW, is DISGUSTING, when the items being sold are NOT even in Mattel shipping cartons, or examples of factory ERRORS, or whatever....

UPDATE: I just checked out eBay, and here's the lowdown:

Option 1: About $80.00 (with S&H)
Option 2: About $96.00 (with S&H)
Option 4: About $84.00 (with S&H)

Not available at either Target OR Wal*Mart

Disappears into a shadow

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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