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Hi! My name's Sarah-Destiny and I'm 14-years-old. I live in the UK and Monster High is a new found obession of mine. It started when I saw the ad on TV a couple of months ago. Now I have Draculaura, Frankie, Gloom Beach Draculaura and I'm going to sell some of my old stuff so I can buy Black & White Frankie. I used to collect Barbies and Bratz when I was younger, then I kind of grew out of dolls, then I discovered MH so now I love them again ;D My favourite MH doll is Frankie but I hope they make a Toretei doll. And I think that's all from me...



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Welcome Sarah   Hope you enjoy it here!


 Cheers, Jeremy Austen

hi, im not a cat, im 13, and i live in america. nice to meet u, sarah-destiny


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