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UPDATE: I have not been able to order any more, as the torsos are not available on the site any longer.  Once they become available again, I will reopen!

I've done something like this before, but I'm gonna do it again.  This is gonna be for those outside the US, in any place that does not ship to.  Since I'm in the US, I want to know who all is wanting those torsos.

If enough people are interested, I will set up a system where I order them and then ship to outside the US.  All you would need to do is pay the initial price for the torsos plus shipping.  I will then mail them to you, safely but cheaply.

I ordered from them already and the arrival time was very quick (like a day or two), so they wouldn't take long.  If you want to get them sooner, I can ship overnight or something, I would just ask that you pay the difference in shipping.

If you want only certain torsos from the set, please let me know.  I will try to work out price!

If you are interested, please fill out the form below, either in comment or note.  I will make a list and then once I have a certain amount, I will get everyone's payments and then order!  I may add a small amount to the total to make up for the percentage that paypal takes out, but I am not adding any for myself (profit).



How many sets?:

Full or Partial set?:


Normal Shipping or Express?:

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I see.  I forgot that there is the email notification because I turned mine off as soon as I joined the site.  My misunderstanding, sorry.
Kim W said:

I NEVER thought or expected that I would be personally notified when these items came available.  If you all notice, when someone posts on the thread, you get an e-mail notification.  That is ALL I was expecting.  I posed here here hoping that when the items became available again, someone would post on this thread and I would get an e-mail notification that someone posted.  That's all people....

Geesh...I never thought a simple post on a doll website would be such an issue.


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