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Just letting you folks know that I went to my local store and the budget dolls (regular $13) are on sale for today only. They ring up $9.75

the ad:

They only had 2 Roller Maze Ghoulias left...

The cashier said a woman came in earlier and bought all of them (about 15 of them) that were on the display thing. So then I called the other Big Lots in my area they said they had them too. But only 45 mins later (pretty sure it's the same lady) the cashier at the next store said a woman had just came in and bought the remaining ones there, ALL TEN! UGH, so frustrating. I repaint MH dolls & collect but I never buy that many at one time, maybe 3 or 4! NOT wipe the whole store out!

They said they were the Dead Tired Wave 2, Rollermaze & Scaris ones.

Any who, just letting you guys know  about the sale ^_^

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She will probably sell them off ebay for $100.00+

I dunno, could be different promotions by location perhaps???

I showed a pic of the Scaris budget dolls and she said yes they had them...she may have been confused because it was a Scaris Abbey and she's in the DT2 line...

 I still wanted any of them really :/

Ruby~Worgensol said:

That's odd, all my Big Lots locations only have DT2 and RM. It comes in a floor display with Barbie, because if you buy $20 or $25 worth of MH or Barbie you get a free item.

I think if it really was the Scaris line they would already be on Ebay. My local big lots(and theres 4) has only received RM and DT2.

Again, the cashier could have been confused with the Abbeys I showed her, she was an older lady...

I'm just going by her response to the picture I showed her.

Plus, wasn't there a picture of Scaris Abbey & dance Class Lagoona with a Big Lots sticker on it circulating?

Oh here:


And not all states or locations get the same thing, it is a "discount" store.
One of the 3 Wal-Marts in my area never got the basic assortments in after the reset this summer.
And my target never received the Clawdeen/Howleen 2 pack but the one a hour away did. It's all about distribution...

I am pretty sure they are not Scaris. There hasn't been a single one on ebay that is not a presale yet and if ANY store had them, there would be. I can't explain that Abbey pic, though.


I have 3 big lots, never once have i seen any kind of monster high toy... :(

I went to the Big Lots closest to home on Monday, after seeing that Scaris Abbey pic.  Of course, no Scaris dolls were to be found, but I was quite surprised to find a couple of DT2 Abbeys.

But anyway, it does seem like kind of a d-baggy move for that one woman to buy all those dolls from the Big Lots.  Y'all know that I hate scalpers with a passion.  However, I hesitate to tar and feather this woman yet, not without offering up an alternate, less d-baggy possible explanation for why she cleaned out two Big Lots of their MH dolls.

Since we are coming into the holiday season, and there are charities that give toys to the needy, perhaps she was buying all those MH dolls for some charity like that?  I mean, budget dolls like RM and DT are great for charities to give out; you can buy more for less money and gift more needy kids when you buy lines like that.  In past years, my co-workers and I have bought and donated budget dolls like $10 Bratz and blister pack Barbies to our annual toy drive.  Last Christmas, included in the donation barrel amongst the Barbies and Bratz were a couple of Gloom Beach dolls.  Just saying, is all.

Now, if you had incontrovertible proof that she bought the dolls to scalp them on eBay... forget my last paragraph!  >D


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