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21 blank MH + EAH dolls for repaints - nice and cheap! Willing sell in lot or in groups

I have 21 dolls and 5 heads for sale! I also have some spare bodies I can sell. :)

I can list them if needed, but they're all there. Some of them may have some staining which is easy to remove - I've seen tutorials for it, but I can't get the materials to do so in my country.

Example of the staining:

I'm selling them for €3 each, or €2 if you buy more than 10.

If you want all of them, it's €50.

If you want, I'll try find the original dress and accessories for each doll.

Shipping is about €6-7 euros depending on how many you want and where you are! :)

I'm willing to haggle! :)

I also have 5 heads for sale at €3 each!

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Still for sale, I lowered the price!

could i get a close up of the Lorna? And do you ship to U.S.A.?

I'll ship anywhere, but it might be a bit costly if you buy lots :) She's pretty badly stained sadly, she wasn't looked after by the old owner :(


How many are still available? I know I'm interested in three for sure but I just wanted to double check!

They all are, but I might not be selling them in the end because of shipping costs :( 


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