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2019 I.D. List for Elastic Vs. Plastic Hip Joints (Feel free to add items)


I was once told that the original Toralei doll, which was released during late 2011, began the trend of plastic hip joints, with regard to MH, but the matter of exactly when the switch from elastic to plastic is sketchy, and I know that some of us want to avoid the elastic-jointed dolls.

Therefore, feel free to talk about your own purchases, with regard to this issue, and about any other knowledge that you have about the matter.

One helpful I.D. URL is as follows, although please be aware that certain re-releases, like that for Gloom Beach, aren't listed, and that the release dates don't include the time of year:


I know for a fact that none of the MH dolls that were released between 2013 and 2018 have elastic hip joints!

Dead Tired Clawdeen Wolf (2012): Mine arrived in a cardboard box, and she has plastic hip joints

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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I have noticed that some of the Dead Tired dolls exist with elastic and with plastic hip joints. I have noticed it for Frankie. I am talking about the originals, not the re-releases that they made before the reboot.

All of the first signature dolls I have have elastics, also first 3 Dead Tired dolls, Dawn of the Dance, Gloom Beach. Personally, I don't mind too much as long as they are not too loose. The plastic hip joints can be horribly loose. Nefera first release has very loose plastic hip joints for ex. I don't think it is only mine because I read other people mentioning it in their blogs. I have several signature Ghoulias with elastics, one is very loose but she has been played with. My Sig Ghoulias were all pre-loved but hardly or unplayed with except for that one. Well, most of my dolls are pre-loved anyway. If the dolls are on display and only handled for posing for photographs, the elastics are not a problem. Of course, their legs' positions are slightly restricted.

I think uh... gloom beach do, dawn of the dance do, it's either ghouls night out of ddg where the switchover happens, one of the formal lines... . I'm gonna be going through my dolls in a bit so i'll figure it out. I have a lot of the older dolls heh.

The elastics changed too. The first wave had this horrible scratchy gold stuff and then they changed to much stronger black flat elastic and then finally the plastic joints. The gold stuff frays and disintergrates but the black stuff is usually pretty decent.

been checking through my dolls for glue leaks.  I have Cupid, DOTD Lagoona, Gloom Beach Jackson and Cleo, and Dead Tired Ghoulia with the elastics.

I think my School's out dolls made in China have elastics too. But the second releases made in indonesia have plastic hip joints.


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