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2014 TRADE/SALE WV1-4, DOTD, DT, LOTS of Dolls, playsets, NIB over 40 pics!

Hi! Looking to sell or trade.


Paypal only unless local pick up. Please let me know if you don't want an item so I don't have it sitting to the side pending for weeks. Sorry if you ask about an item I'm giving you 24 hours to reply if you want it or not. Prices don't include shipping or pp fees.  

SHIPPING: Overseas buyers welcomed with positive feedback on this site. I am more than happy to ship anyway you prefer as you are paying for the shipping cost, in a box or paper mailer (typically cheaper), first class, priority, or express. Please know that if you do not select priority or buy insurance WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST PACKAGES; if your worried about a package getting lost please select an option that includes insurance! I will also no longer open NIB dolls for shipping quotes until they are paid for due to people "changing their minds" after opening them. PLAYSETS are larger items thus require a large box for shipping so please understand that shipping for them will cost more than a single doll. ***Due to my new work schedule my main shipping day will be Saturday, if I can make it on an earlier day I will. Or if my sis can she will. 

TRADES: I have a want list up, you can always throw a trade offer our way worse we can say is no. You never know an outcome if you don't try. :)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Please be polite and have understanding that we are collectors and some items we have paid Ebay prices on. Or I trade or spend quite a bit to complete a doll. We try to be fair on our prices.

Thank you ghouls and mansters! 

++Missing pics on a few items will finish later, some items pending trades++

TONS OF DOLLS W1 BOYS DOTD DT  & more, Fashion Packs, Playsets, 

SOLD: scaris car, oob scooter,

Both stations work (bubble & light up)
Station #1 Station and Doll w/ stand, bottle, diary, pet w/ mask $50
Station #2 Station and doll only $35
Lagoona Doll only $20

SOLD: DT Clawdeen (both with shoes)
bunkbed $30 missing two top bed posts, sheer curtain, some smaller pieces
One fridge on hold
Clawdeen no mask or shoes $10


W1 Draculuara

NIB rerelease $30(pic lower),
w1 orginal release,elastic hips good, very small hole on legging $25obo no stand, 
incomplete doll $10 no stand
WV1 Frankie (no stands included) moved pet and purse from 2nd to 4th doll
#1 no shoes or accessories, scraped nose $7 plastic hips
#2 with shoes & earrings, pink over face, broken strap $8 obo
#3 with pet, purse, earrings, hair intact $22 
#4 with pet, purse, earrings loose hair $20


W1 Cleo (has earrings, belt, leg clip, shoes, outfit, stand) $35, $32 no stand
W1 Deuce $40 complete with stand (will have bracelet coming in soon)
$35 as is no stand 
Basic Lagoona #1 no flower, smudge on face (may come off, haven't tried) very small snip on jacket from where she connected to the box. $50 
Basic Lagoona #2 no flower, missing right earring, spot on back of jacket, no legs fins, no bracelet $35
W1 Clawdeen both have elastic hips which is a orginal first wave thing but the complete one has HUMAN HANDS $45 the other clawed hands doll only $12 No stand SOLD

Dawn of the Dance

DOTD Lala is $75 (what I paid for her) or trade (she will be complete soon, trading for the rest of her pieces)
DOTD Duece My sis would like $80 (what she paid) or trade
DOTD Clawdeen (no stands, phones, or purses) #1 $20 small spot on eye make up missing, #2 $25
DOTD frankie $27 for correct earrings, $25 fo rone with incorrect earrings no bracelet.
DOTD Cleo (no stands) $25 for one with shoes, $19 for one without.

Wave Two: Schools Out

SO Clawdeen (left to right) no stands included
#1 $12
#2 broken neck, missing finger, $10; $6 no shoes
#3 will come with purse and folder (forgot to include in pics)$20
SO Frankie $15
Basic Ghoulia $50 (only missing headband)
Basic Ghoulia #2 $25 (no stand)

Spectra #1 no purse, pet, jewelry, or stand $15
#2 complete w/ magenta stand $35, 
#3 no necklace or stand $20 
#4 doll w/dress only $10
#5 doll with box $47 see pic below

Holt missing thumb ring, #1 (95% complete)$75 obo
Holt #2 missing thumb ring, pet, headphones, stand not included $45
Basic/forbitten love Clawd : #1 (no stand) complete with watch $50 some felt fading on face, #2 (no stand) $45 obo felt fading/messed up up to hair no watch

Sweet 1600

Not sure if Cupid is basic or 1600; I have a hard time telling them apart.

SOLD: 1600 draculaura & clawdeen

1600  Frankie w/ gift dress $15 no stand

Wave 3: Campus Stroll

NO Stands included

Basic Toralei $65 obo

Purrsephone & Meowlody $30 

Clawdeen from sister pack $8.50

Operetta $18 obo button missing on jacket

Nefera trade only atm

Dead Tired 

NO stands included
DT Ghoulia (both will brain popcorn) $18
DT Frankie $19 for with shoes, $13 w/shoes
DT Draculaura $13

Wave 4/ Ghouls Rule/ Picture Day

Picture Day Draculaura:$15 
Basic Jackson: $30obo
Basic Venus: $15 obo (has a nic in felt, missing some smaller pieces)
Ghoul's Rule Frankie: $17obo (complete?)


Classroom Lagoona (no stands or fins)
#1 missing hand, jewelry $7.50
#2 & 3 dolls w/ jewelry $10
#4 doll w/ lab coat & extra classroom outfit (top & pants) $16
Classroom Ghoulia $15 comes with gym shorts & glasses (forgot to include them in the picture)

Dot Dead Gorgeous/ Roller Maze

ROLLAR MAZE: $10 each
RM Frankie traded

Gloom Beach/ Skull Shores - SOLD GB Jackson


GB Jackson SOLD
GB Frankie $13
GB Draculaura $13
GB Cleo $9 spots on face
GB Clawdeen $13 (with glasses)
GB Clawdeen no earrings glasses or shaw
Skull Shores
SS Lagoona $15
SS Abbey $15
SS Ghoulia $15
SS Ghoulia missing hand $10
SS Draculuara $8 legs dont match color

Dance Class

Dance Class:
Rochelle: $15

Ghouls Spirit/ Ghouls Alive/ Scarily Tales - SOLD Ghoulia and snowbite without shaw

Ghoul's Spirit set has been played with and has seen better days, will send pics of damage upon request.
GS Ghoulia SOLD
GS Draculaura:SOLD
GS Cleo:$17obo
Scarily Tales: Draculuara x2 SOLD
Ghoul's Alive (ALL WORK): Frankie 1:(w/belt) $12, Frankie 2 (no belt, broken shoe strap)$8 Sprectra: $12


Plushies and Accesories

SOLD- Both Spectras without pets, Deuce Casketball Uniform

DDG 3 pack switched for diener double pack


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NOW OPEN! still have some items to add. will be cross posting with another forum and fb groups. Nefera & cupid are for trade only atm. If interested in either just let me know and I'll add you name to the list. Some smaller items are pending with trades. 

Interested in holt, the half naked Jackson, little dead riding wolf, any snow bite..and maybe basic lagoona and ghoulia! lol..I've been waiting!!:) so excited.

I'd be interested in W1 Lagoona, DT Lala, Abbey, Frankie, Clawdeen, and maybe Lagoona. Also, Abbey's snowboard fashion pack, DDG Ghoulia, Holt, and one of the plush Spectras and the Plush Lagoona!

(Also, would you be willing to separate Ghoulia's pet from her doll?)

Oh..also interested in clawdeen's fashion are you selling the clothes? I would like nefera's belt but I don't know if you'll separate..also interested in Cleo's mad science dress

I'm interested in a the CAM Skeleton girl dress, W1 Draculuara, Clawdeen, Spectra, Cleo, and Deuce. Also DofD Deuce. I am sending a FR.

Interested in one of the Holts, one of your basic Toraleis, one of your basic Deuce, one of your basic Cleo, one of your Basic Lagoona, one of your forbitten love Clawds, one of your basic Ghoulias, one of your dead Tired Lagoonas, one of your DOTD, Deuce, one of your dawn of the dance, Clawdeen, Abbey snowboarding fashion pack, Cleo's Dressing table, the school and Webarella.

Interested in:

•Clawdeen's soccer uniform (card, top, shorts, sweatband, shoes, ball, earrings, wristband)

•Basic Ghoulia (the one with earrings + pet)

•Holt Hyde (the one with orange stand + pet)

•Deuce's casketball uniform (shirt, shoes, socks, shorts, glasses, ball, card)

•Frankie's fearleading uniform (megaphone, dress, shoes, wristband)

•Extra basic Ghoulia outfit (pants, shirt, shoes, purse)

•Ghoulia's striped dress + ankle shoes, both white glasses, red headband, black headband, and white comic book club skirt.

Interested in Cupid

I'm interested in wave one Cleo and duece, sweet 1600 claws and draculara, all of gloom beach dolls, and holt Hyde. I will send a friend request.
Interested in lagoona science esrrings, dress and shoes, also a dt lagoona, holt hyde

Sent your a friend request. I'm interested in the following. I might also have the PD operetta your looking for. 

W1 Lagoona

Schools Out Clawdeen 

Schools Out Ghoulia [with pet, stand, and bag]

Basic Holt

Basic Claud



Basic Toralei


angelarcher said:

which abbey frankie clawdden and lagoona?

devilorns said:

I'd be interested in W1 Lagoona, DT Lala, Abbey, Frankie, Clawdeen, and maybe Lagoona. Also, Abbey's snowboard fashion pack, DDG Ghoulia, Holt, and one of the plush Spectras and the Plush Lagoona!

(Also, would you be willing to separate Ghoulia's pet from her doll?)


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