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The picture hint worked! 2012 Dead Tired Clawdeen for me! Squishy head, too!

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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All the original Dead tired dolls I have are glue free! YES! :-)

the older original ones or the more recent rereleases?

The older original ones.

I don't have them all. I have Cleo, Frankie, Ghoulia and Draculaura from the first wave. Spectra and Robecca from the last wave. They all have a soft head and no sign of any seepage.

I have never seen the re-releases here in Europe so I could not squeeze their heads in shops!! LOL I am always curious!

Hello, Tula and mechagirl,

Thanks! I hope that you two are able to find any glue-free dolls that you want, too, because they are totally worth it! 

The new wolf ghoul's new name will be "Rebecca" / "Becky", and she's going to have a special place within my MH world, especially because she really does seem to be glue-free!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


I have a lot of glue free dolls because I had a phase when I would not buy any doll with a hard head from a shop. I was so furious with the bloody glue seepage... Most of the budget dolls used to be glue free and I love the budget MH dolls. They are simpler but often very cute.

The funny thing is that now, I buy some of these glue heads in car boot sales. So I still have to deal with the issue!! (I try to avoid them but I don't have these dolls in my collection obviously so I am always tempted).

The only good point, they only cost me £1 or even sometimes 50 pence! More than enough for a glue seepage deal!

I am also mad enough to buy in car boot sales glue free dolls I love and that I have already! This silly habit lead me to have 3 Ghoulia Dead Tired, 3 Ghoulia Skull Shores, 2 signature Ghoulia without glue, 2 Dead Tired Spectra, 2 signature Spectra.... I redress them... and I stopped doing that last car boot sale season... but I know that if I find another Roller maze ghoulia for £1... LOL



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