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Mattel's COO Bryan Stockton has revealed via Business Week, what is to become of the very popular line known as "Monster High" for 2011. His response was as follows; For 2011, the franchise continues to expand with the introduction of four new characters, two new books and an hour-long TV special.

We have also expanded our partnership with (teen mall chains) Claire's and Justice; our Macy's T-shirt program, launched in early January, delivered strong sell-through; and, next month, check out our Monster High program at Walmart, which includes the dolls, books and T-shirts. Brand offerings will be further expanded to include apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and activities for back to school.

And we launched the brand in more than 15 new markets this year including France, Australia, Portugal, Turkey and Poland, to name a few.

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4..Could that mean OPRETTA?!
No. It's Jackson.

Umm not really they didn't mention the 13th in that report. I'm late so did it show on Nick?
P-girl said:

On a certain Friday.... y'know, that one day of the year that's somehow more prone to bad luck according to superstition....


I taught that was pre-tty obvious.


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