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19 dolls including Hauntlywood and 13 Wishes, ILF clothes, rare pets and tons more!

Hey all! I've made the difficult decision to drastically reduce my collection.

Every doll purchase will come with a free stand, any literature the doll was packaged with, and (if applicable) their purse.

Every purchase will come with a free bonus gift-a prop, a rare piece of packaging, or even an extra doll!

I will ship worldwide as long as we can agree on shipping costs. 

Imgur link: sorry about quality of pictures and occasional random body part! I can provide better pictures of anything if needed.

And the full list:

CAM Blob Girl $10

Venus $12

Dance Class Howleen $10

Picture Day Operetta $12

Basic Robecca $12

Ghoul Spirit Frankie $10

Gigi Grant $12

EAH Raven $12

EAH Apple $12

EAH Madeline $12

Scaris Ghoulia $10

Twyla $12

Power Ghouls Spectra $11

Clawdia Wolf $12

Viperine Gorgon $12

CAM Mummy $10

13 Wishes Lagoona $11

 Black Carpet Clawdeen $10

New Scaremester Jinafire $12

All Pets are $4

Count Fabulous


Memphis Longlegs




Captain Penny


Sultan Sting


Locker $4

Hauntlywood props $2 a piece

ILF Clawdeen clothes (incomplete) $8

ILF Scarah clothes (incomplete) $7

Roller maze Clawdeen outfit $5

Scaris Lagoona outfit $5

13 Wishes Howleen outfit $6

Scary Tales Clawdeen outfit $5

Basic Operetta outfit $6

Phys. Dead Ghoulia outfit $5

Scaris Cleo outfit $5

$2 each:

Pink shirt

Frankie's jacket

Ghoulia's shirt

Operetta's top

Bratz cape

Bratz skirt

Ghoulia's vest

Bratz crop top

Ghoulia's swimsuit

Ghoulia's cover up

Operetta's dance class suit

Operetta's dance class skirt

$3 each:

Frankie's ILF dress

OOAK black dress

Operetta's DDG dress

Frankie's dress

Abbey's ILF dress

Lagoona's FP dres

Abbey's FP dress

$2 each:

Operetta's sunglasses

Ghoulia's glasses

Bratz thigh highs

Frankie's ILF socks

Abbey's ILF legwarmers

Draculaura's GR tights

$2 a pair:

Pink Bratz shoes

Power Ghouls Clawdeen boots

Draculara's DDG shoes

Operetta's fashion pack shoes

Bratz red shoes

Frankie's ILF shoes

Black boots

Gold boots

Misc belts and hair acc. for $1

Misc earrings and bracelets for $.25 a piece (so a pair of earrings would be .50, etc)

Misc. purses and Art Class skelita's vase for $2 a piece

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Is Twyla, Robecca, Clawdia, Viprene and picture day Operetta still available? Also interested in the pair of loose red shoes, picture day Abbey's dress, gold bracelets and DDG Operetta's dress.

Interested in Robecca, Venus, and Clawdia if available.

Danielle Dela Cruz FR sent!

Melusina Robecca and Venus have sold, CLawdia is on hold at the moment, I will message you if that doesn't go through.

hi, im very interested in ghoulias physical deaducation outfit


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