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Looks like it's been hitting TRU shelves!

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This is surprising. o:
I was going to get Frankie as my first 17 inch doll, but maybe I should wait and see who else they may release. I only want one 17 inch doll. Frankie is my favourite girl but I'd love a Robecca or Rochelle.

My question is why is there a scary tales clawdeen STILL there & why is it at a TRU? wasn't she a target exclusive ??

the fairy tale line got a wide re release 

They need to release 17" Frightfully Tall versions of Cleo, Lagoona, Ghoulia, Spectra and Abbey. Maybe also Operetta, Rochelle, Robecca, Venus and Jinafire.

My local TRU had 4 of Elissabat in stock but ALL of them had messed up eyes. A couple had an eye stamped part way on her nose and the other two had an eye smeared, so I'd be careful if you want to order her online.

The Tru by me had 2 but both were bad eyes

Thanks, I just got her to go with my other 3. I really like Elissabat so this is nice having the big one. :) She was like $23 too, not $30 so that was nice. If the eyes are bad, well, repaint time....I have not seen any of them offline here so I am going for it anyway...

I may only get the 17 inch dolls now. I like the size soooo much better.  and Elisabat is my fav of the larger dolls

I wonder if we'll have more 17" Frightfully Tall dolls with the impending reboot.

That's an interesting thought.

Not sure I can take the horror on that scale though ;)

Anyone else think a 15" Twyla would be awesome?

Well there was artwork for Twyla and Operetta in their basic clothes which could imply that there is a use for their artwork in a 17 inch Operetta and Twyla. I really hope we get to see them in the bigger sizes.

Operetta, Jinafire, Honey & Spectra would be amazing as 17" dolls.


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